How To Connect To Wi-Fi Networks Directly From The Apple Watch

connecting to wi-fi network from apple watch

Connecting to Wi-Fi network from Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch is becoming more and more independent with each new hardware and software generation. Thanks to watchOS 5, Apple Watch owners are now able to connect to a new Wi-Fi network directly from the Apple Watch. Until now the wrist-worn device was only able to borrow access to Wi-Fi hotspots which had been previously accessed on the paired iPhone. Now, you don’t need your iOS device anymore, to connect to a new wireless network.

All that you have to is raise your wrist to wake the Apple Watch and use the Settings app to detect and authenticate the desired Wi-Fi network. This new options is available to all watchOS 5 compatible models and it’s not limited to the Apple Watch Series 4. Just make sure that you’ve upgraded your device to the 5th watchOS generation and follow the steps listed below.

how to connect to wi-fi networks from apple watch 5 Steps To Connect To Wi-Fi From The Apple Watch
1. Click the Digital Crown to access the available apps on your Apple Watch.
2. Tap on Settings.
3. Select Wi-Fi and tap the network that you want to connect to.
4. If the network is Password protected, type it by using the Apple Watch’s screen gesture input.
Tips:Using Scribble to type might be tricky at first, especially when having to draw upper- or lowr-case letters that look the same. For letters such as c, o, s, u, v, w, x, or z use the Digital Crown to select what fits you. Spell characters one by one, and check the visual indicator to see that the correct character has been inserted.
5. Tap Join and your watchOS device is now connected!

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