How To Disable All iPhone Vibrations

ios 9 iphone vibration setting

iOS 9 iPhone Vibration Setting.

Most of us are already familiar with the personalized vibration patterns that you can assign to your iOS contacts. However, there are certain moments when you need to completely disable all vibrations on your iPhone. With devices running iOS 8 an earlier this setting can be achieved with the help of the Do Not Disturb mode. However, this implies that the alerts on your smartphone are completely silenced, meaning that you will only get a missed call or message badge notification after the caller hangs up and you decide to check your device.

iOS 9 comes with a new option that allows you to kill all vibrations, but maintain the visual and audio alerts active, if needed. Some would argue that you could tweak this to some extend from the Sounds menu by disabling the Vibrate on Silent feature. However, switching your iPhone to Silent mode, disables all audio alerts on your gadget.

iOS 9 iPhone Vibration Setting
ios 9 vibration setting So, if you wish to stop all vibrations on your iPhone, while maintaining the audio and visual alerts, you can tweak the new Accessibility option brought by iOS 9 and called Vibration.
Open Settings and type “Vib…” in the new Search Settings bar available at the top of the screen. Or, scroll for General -> Accessibility -> Vibration.
Tap the knob and deactivate this setting to prevent your iPhone from vibrating.
Fact: Be aware that really all shakes of your smartphone will be disabled including those for emergency alerts like: earthquake or tsunami.

Disable Vibration For Specific Alerts
vibration disabled for calendar alerts Certain notifications can be individually tweaked to quit shaking. I’m talking about iOS alerts like Ringer, Texts, Mail, Voicemail, Calendar Alerts, Reminders, Tweets, Facebook and Airdrop.
When the above presented Vibration option is ON, you can visit Settings -> Sounds and manually tweak each of the following tremor patterns. Tap on the specific alert, press Vibration and choose None is you wish to disable shaking for that particular action.
Fact: At the moment, personalized vibrations for third-party app alerts aren’t available.