How To Disable iOS Location-Based App Suggestions

location based app suggestion on iphone home screen

Location-based app suggestion on iPhone home screen.

Location-Based app suggestions is a feature that was introduced back in iOS 8, but it’s still quite unfamiliar for the average iPhone owner. This category surly includes newcomers that just switched over from Android. In its early stages apps recommended based on your current location were appearing on the iPhone’s Lock Screen, in the bottom-left corner. Swiping-up on the semi-transparent icon allows you to quickly open the app.

In iOS 10 you’ll also notice app suggestions based on your current location, within the App Switcher, every time when you reach a location where a certain application is used very often. Your iPhone uses its built-in GPS to determine your location. It memorizes your behavior, associates it with the time of day and context to determine whether or not it can serve you an app recommendation.

Location-Based App Suggestions Examples
location-based suggestion in ipad app switcher In my case iOS, creates a shortcut to Spotify whenever I plug-in my headphones, because my iPhone has learned the pattern and associates the two conditions. When I step out of my home I’m reminded that I usually access Pokemon GO. As soon as I reach my office the Calendar app is suggested in my App Switcher, while around Bedtime the Clock app is suggested by my iPhone. Not to mention the already classic Starbucks icon showing up in the bottom-left corner of my Lock Screen every time I reach the popular coffeehouse.

Fact: Location-based alerts are available for iPad’s too as long as you use the same Apple ID on both iPhone and iOS tabled. A small reference, below the recommended app is added to confirm that the suggestion was made by the smartphone in quesiton.

Disable Location-Based App Suggestions
location-based alerts settings However, we’ve received request from a series of readers that asked us for a way to disable this feature. I can agree that at some point it can become annoying. You don’t have to turn off Location Service to stop app suggestions from appearing. This will disable a lot of others features that need the GPS connectivity active on your iPhone. Here is what to do in order to stop Location-Bases App Suggestions:
1. Open Settings from your iPhone Home Screen and browse for Privacy.
2. Next, tap on Location Services and scroll all the way down.
3. Access System Services and toggle Location-Based Alerts Off! Repeat the same process if you want to reactivate it sometimes later.