How To Enable Facebook Messenger App Lock Feature On iPhone (iPad)

Using Face ID to authenticate in Facebook Messenger

Using Face ID to authenticate in Facebook Messenger.

Facebook has recently updated its Messenger app for iOS with a new privacy feature called App Lock.
Enabling it allows you to safeguard your chats and conversations with the help of Face ID or Touch ID, depending on the authentication hardware available on your iOS or iPadOS device.

This means that FB Messenger will require users to authenticate with Face ID when you open the app. If either of the two procedures fail twice, you’ll be able to input your iPhone or iPad Passcode to authenticate!
This way your conversations will remain private if you borrow your iPhone.
A third party user won’t be able to open Messenger without knowing your device’s unlock info.

How To Enable Facebook Messenger App Lock

Before starting, make sure that you run the latest version of FB Messenger for iOS. (Direct Download / Update link available here.)
how to enable app lock in facebook messenger 1. Open the Messenger app on your iPhone or iPad.
2. Tap the ‘Profile icon’, available in the top-left corner of the screen.
3. Select ‘Privacy’.
4. Tap on ‘App lock’.
5. Enable the Require Face ID option.
Fact: If your iPhone uses fingerprint authentication, the label at step no. 5 reads ‘Require Touch ID’.
6. Tap ‘OK’ to allow Facebook Messenger to use Face ID to unlock the app.

App Lock Require Face ID Setting

App lock require Face ID setting You can tweak FB Messenger to lock as soon as you exit the app, or after a certain time frame. As soon as you enable App Lock, a Require Face ID section is displayed allowing you to lock the app:
– After I leave Messenger
– 1 minute after leaving
– 15 minutes after leaving
– 1 hour after leaving

Tip: If you’re engaged in a hot chat and are using the app often you might want to lock it only 1 minute after leaving.

Face ID Not Recognized – Enter Passcode

Facebook Messenger failed Face ID authentication screen – If your face isn’t recognized by FB Messenger a pop-up is displayed asking you if you want to attempt Face ID authentication once again.
Fact: The same goes for Touch ID.
– In case the authentication fails for the 2nd time you have the option to ‘Enter Passcode’. Tap it and you will be asked to type your iPhone unlock code.
– In case you don’t have the Passcode either you won’t be able to access the Messenger app.
Important: With ‘App Lock’ on, you can still reply to notifications from the iPhone’s lock screen and answer Messenger VoIP calls while your device is locked!

Do you plan to lock your Facebook Messenger conversations? Let us know in the comments section available below.

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