How To Enable Notification Previews On iPhone X

locked iPhone x hiding message notifications

Locked iPhone X hiding message notifications.

Thanks to the revolutionary Face ID authentication system the iPhone X is set by default to only show the previews of incoming notifications when it successfully detects your face. This is a great privacy enhancement available in the 10th anniversary iPhone, preventing individuals, in your proximity, from taking a sneak peek at your incoming texts. However, if you’re not worried about privacy the feature might prove itself annoying in certain situations.

For example, if your iPhone X is on your desk and you hear an incoming notification, you might want to check what’s all about with the help of your peripheral vision. The hidden previews require you to reach on top of the device to allow it to take a proper glimpse at your face. You might even need to pick the gadget up to unlock with Face ID, if you haven’t followed this handy tip that enables Face ID to unlock the iPhone X from an angle!

Important: in iOS 11 all notifications can be hidden not only those informing you about new messages and mail!

Enable Notification Previews On iPhone X
1. Raise to wake and unlock the iPhone ‘Ten’. Tap the Settings app icon available on the Home screen.
2. Tap on Notifications.
3. Select Show Previews and opt for ‘Always’ instead of ‘When Unlocked’.

Fact: The Notifications screen is available with the help of a swipe-down from the left ear or from below of the iPhone X notch as explained here.