How To Enable The Google Maps Accessible Places Feature

Google Maps Accessible Places feature

Google Maps Accessible Places feature.

Google has updated Google Maps for iOS and Android with a welcomed new feature that allows people using wheelchairs to get accessibility info about a targeted location. The new option is called Accessible Places and, when enabled, it highlights places and businesses on the map that are marked as wheelchair-accessible. Info regarding restroom facilities, accessibility seating, wheelchair-friendly parking and entrance are mentioned if available.

On top of that, Google is also allowing iOS and Android device users to contribute and broaden the wheelchair accessibility map. You can easily rate wheelchair-friendly locations. If you’re not sure if a place qualifies for being labeled as accessible, you can check this guide and inform yourself about how to answer accessibility questions on Google Maps.

5 Steps To Enable Accessible Places In Google Maps
how to enable Google Maps Accessible Places feature Before you start, make sure that your iPhone runs the latest version of Google Maps for iOS.
1. Open Google Maps on your iPhone or iPad.
2. Tap on your profile‘s icon, available in the top-right corner of the screen.
3. Select Settings.
4. Tap on Accessibility settings.
5. Enable the Accessible Places feature.

Fact: After enabling the option, a wheelchair icon is displayed next to any location that includes accessible features. Tap the location to find out exactly what wheelchair-friendly options you can find.

Disclaimer: Most likely the Google Maps accessibility feature will be rolled out gradually. Are you seeing the Accessible Places in your country? Let us know in the comments section available below.

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