How To Find Nearby COVID-19 Testing Locations On Your iPhone

Apple Maps updates with support for COVID-19 Testing Locations

Apple Maps updates with support for COVID-19 Testing Locations

Apple has managed to update its stock Maps app for iOS and iPadOS with support for COVID-19 testing locations all across the United States. The Cupertino-based tech giant started working on this feature earlier this month. It made an online platform available for all healthcare providers, hospitals, labs and other business that are able to test locals for the novel Coronavirus.

The applications have been manually reviewed and approved and are now available in Apple Maps. The feature currently covers all the United States as well as Puerto Rico. It’s unclear yet if the feature will support other countries in the near future, but we will surly update this article if anything changes. If you’re living outside the U.S. you might have better luck with Google to find the nearest COVID-19 testing location. Read on and check out how to do it.

How To Find Nearby COVID-19 Testing Site
A. In Apple Maps
For accurate please make sure that the Location Services are enabled on your iPhone. Browse for Settings -> Privacy -> Location Service and enable your iOS device’s GPS.
how to find the nearest covid-19 testing location 1. Open Apple Maps.
2. Tap the Search field.
3. At the top of the list select “COVID-19 Testing” and all the nearby Coronavirus testing locations are displayed on the map.
4. Tap one of the testing sites and you will be prompted with a link to the hospital or the specific testing’s site website. This way you can inform yourself if you need to schedule for an appointment or if you need a doctor’s referral to be able to test yourself!
Tip: If you’re aware about a COVID-19 testing location that doesn’t show up on the map you can use the dedicated Apple portal to register it.

B. Via Google Search
Google Search providing directions for Coronavirus testing centers Google is also providing lots of info regarding COVID-19. The most popular Search Engine is providing directions for nearby Coronavirus testing locations for a while now and is expanding this feature daily. Using Google you have a better chance of finding a nearby COVID-19 test site if you’re living outside of the United States.
1. Open Safari on your iPhone, iPad or Mac.
2. Browse for
3. Type “coronavirus testing centers”. If you’re native language isn’t English, use the translated version.

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