How To Fix App Library Bug That Lists All Apps In ‘Other’ Category?

App Library Bug in iOS 14

App Library Bug in iOS 14

The App Library is a new iOS 14 feature that provides an one-page layout of all the apps available on your iPhone. The applications are automatically assigned to predefined categories that are displayed in small widgets! This is quite helpful and helps with Home Screen decluttering!

Unfortunately, an iOS 14 and iOS 15 bug is causing some iPhones to display all third-party apps in the ‘Other’ category, thus ruining the App Library experience.

Practically, the glitch bundles all non-native apps in the Other section. The only categories that seem unaffected are the two pinned at the top of the App Library page: Suggestions and Recently Added.

All other sections remain poorly populated with stock iOS apps. When the user taps on ‘Other’, all third-party apps are displayed, alphabetically, in this overcrowded section. This causes a long scroll-able layout that isn’t user-friendly.

Fact: Event some stock apps like Camera and Contacts are mixed up in this category!

How To Fix App Library Other Category Bug?

At the time, of writing we don’t have a permanent fix, but you can apply the following troubleshooting tips to partially fix this annoying issue:

1. Connect iPhone To Computer

Updated: October 21, 2021
According to reports from our readers the bug resurfaced in iOS 15, especially when restoring from a backup!

  • A working fix for this app library bug requires you to connect your iPhone to your computer, with the help of the Lightning cable.
  • Open Finder (on Mac) or iTunes (on Windows)!
  • Fact: Apparently, this will force the App Library to reindex and thus solve the ‘Other’ category bug! Does it work for you?

    Credits: Special thanks to our YouTube viewer Cat P. for sharing this fix!

2. Reinstall Apps

Another working fix requires you to delete (offload) the applications and reinstall them. This will bring the apps back to their original App Library category. However, repeating this process for tens or even hundreds of apps is a painstaking process and definitely not an optimal solution!

More, we don’t have enough reports to claim that this fix is permanent and apps won’t be randomly sent back to the ‘Other’ category, if the app library bug is triggered again.

Fact: Stock apps like Camera or Contacts can’t be deleted and reinstalled, meaning that this fix doesn’t work for them.

3. Change iOS Language

Updated: May 5, 2021
Users report that changing the iOS language will fix this App Library bug and rearrange the app icons in the proper categories.
How To:

  • Browse for Settings -> General -> Language & Region -> iPhone Language.
  • Change the language, preferably to one that you also understand.
  • Reboot device and return to the Settings menu.
  • Revert the language back to the original.
  • Open the App Library and check if the icons are displayed in the proper categories.
  • Does this work? Use the comments section available below and let us know.

4. Add To Home Screen Settings

Updated: August 8, 2021
how to fix App Library bug in iOS 15
Samuel informs that the App Library bug which misplaces app in the ‘Other’ category was triggered, in his case, by enabling the ‘App Library Only’ option in Settings -> Home Screen.

Fix: As soon as he went back to the default Add to Home Screen setting, the App Library issue was fixed!

Does this work for you too? Use the comments section to share your feedback!

App Library Other Category Bug Video Guide

Watch the following video for more details about how to fix the App Library bug that lists apps in the Other category:

App Library Settings

iOS 14 app library settings
The only App Library related settings in iOS 14 are found in: Settings -> Home Screen. Here you can pick if you want to also add the newly downloaded apps to the Home Screen or only in the App Library.

You can also enable Notification Badges to show up in the App Library.
However, tweaking any of this settings hasn’t fixed the App Library Other category bug.

Tip: You can also attempt to force restart your iPhone to fix this iOS 14 App Library bug!

Did you find a better fix for the Other category App Library bug? Please share it with us, using the comments section and we’ll update your solution to this article!

It also helps if you just confirm if you’re experiencing the same glitch. It will help us to better asses how common this is and potentially determine the triggering factor. Do mention your iPhone model and iOS version. The initial report comes from an owner of an iPhone SE 2nd generation running iOS 14.1!

Important: This glitch was reported to us via our dedicated iOS bug report page. If you experience any bug on your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac don’t hesitate to ask for help.

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