How To Fix App Store Badge Alert Error

app store badge alert error

App Store Badge Alert Error!

Ever since the release of iOS 8, problems with the App Store badge alert system are ongoing for iOS users. iPhone 6 and 6 Plus owners seem to be the most affected. Several bugs prevented the red badge alert from disappearing, even after the apps in question, where updated, from within the App Store.

The issue seemed to be solved with the iOS 8.2 update! However, 24 hours ago we where flooded with emails, from our readers, informing us that the App Store badge alert error is creeping in again. This time the issue was caused by an iTunes and App Store partial service downtime. Happily, it was promptly fixed by Apple and everything returned back to normal within a few hours.

How To Check Status of Apple Services
apple services live system statusThe iTunes downtime is confirmed by the error log of the Apple Services, Stores, and iCloud live system status monitor. Whenever you experience a problem with an iOS service, you can tap on this link and check the live status of all online Apple services!

4 Ways To Get Rid Of The Badge Alert Error
Depending on the cause of the badge alert issue, you can try the following tricks to get rid of the red bubble, which hovers over the App Store icon, on your iPhone’s home screen:
enable app store automatic downloads1. Upgrade Your iOS Version
If there is a software bug that causes your issue, make sure that you update to the latest iOS release. Popular bugs are usually fixed by Apple in the upcoming versions.
2. Enable Automatic App Store Downloads
Grab your iPhone and visit Settings -> iTunes & App Store and enable automatic downloads for Updates. This means that the App Store icon won’t display the red badge alert anymore, because apps will be updates automatically as soon as a new version is available.
searching for app update3. Search An App Manually
Sometimes it doesn’t work to update an application from the Updates list, but you can score if you manually search for the app in question and tap the Update button on the app’s App Store page.
4. Check Service Downtime
Whenever the badge alert error is caused by a third party service, like the App Store servers, use the link provided above to check if a service is down. In case that an Apple service issue is confirmed, you can only wait until the problem is resolved. Be patient and you’ll manage to update your apps if you check back within a few hours.