How To Fix Apple Watch Snake Screen Error (Snake Of Death)

Apple Watch snake screen error

Apple Watch snake screen error

Getting the Apple Watch snake screen error? Does your watchOS device display a charging cable the starts with an encircled lightning symbol? The device refuses to turn On? This issues is known as the Apple Watch Snake of Death!

The Apple Watch snake error screen is displayed when the devices battery is so low that it can’t even display the current time in Power Reserve mode. It happens if the device hasn’t been charged since a long time, or if it’s brand new and has no charge at all.

How To Fix Apple Watch Snake Screen Error

Here are the most common troubleshooting options for this issue:

1. Charge Apple Watch via USB

Apple Watch snake screen errors

Obviously, the first thing that you should do is attach the watch to its MagSafe charger that’s plugged into a power source. This is the moment when the snake screen is also displayed on the watch!

Important: The snake of death might linger on for a long time. There have been reports of users having to wait up to four (4) hours until the Apple Watch snake screen disappeared and the device powered On.

Tip: Be patient and allow the watch to stay connected to a power source as long as needed. Of course, if it’s taking too long, check the watch for overheating. If the battery is actually damaged you might have to unplug it to prevent melting or any other unwanted accidents.

Fact: If the lightning symbol is colored red it means that there’s no charge flowing into the Apple Watch. If the symbol is green it tells you that juice is passing through and you have to be patient.

(Update, June 8, 2023)
The Apple Watch snake screen can be fixed by plugging the device into a computer (Mac or Windows PC)!

If you get the green snake of death for too long, disconnect the MagSafe cable from the brick and connect it to a notebook or desktop computer! Apple Watch should boot normally!

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(Update, December 9, 2022)

Extra Fix For Apple Watch Snake Error

Blake111 suggests that you have to deplete the Apple Watch battery completely and then attempt to trickle charge them with a slow cheap charger. Here is a quote:

“…the trick is to let it die all the way, once you think it’s dad sit it in a drawer for a week or so…then try charging it with the lowest rated charger you can find. A really cheap car charger works well. It works like a trickle charger and for some reason it fires them back up and get them back to life.”

2. Change Charging Cable

You should also double-check the MagSafe charger. If your cat or dog got a hang of it, it might be damaged and not be able to provide juice to the Watch.

If you have another Watch nearby connect it to the same charger and check if it’s working.

Important: We recommend you to use genuine Apple products.

Tip: If the Apple Watch charger is the culprit you can quickly purchase a new one from

3. Get A Replacement Unit

If you reached this point and the Apple Watch snake screen error is still not solved you should consider bringing your device to an Apple Store and have it checked out.

The battery could be permanently damaged and you might need a replacement unit!

Apple Watch Snake Screen Causes

As mentioned above the main reason for getting the charging cable displayed on the screen is a severely depleted battery that isn’t strong enough to boot watchOS. The reasons for this are:

  • 1. Apple Watch has been inactive for a very long time!

    Fact: Even when the device shuts down, the internal battery still has enough charge to keep the current time and date. However, if the device isn’t charged the battery will continue to deplete to a level that requires an initial charge until it can power up the device.

  • 2. Apple Watch is brand new and the battery is completely dead because it’s been in the store for a long time until you purchased it.
  • 3. Apple Watch might have been exposed in the sun for a prolonged period of time. This could have caused battery overheating to such an extend that it’s not able to take store charge anymore and it requires a replacement.

Have you managed to fix the Apple Watch snake of death error? What was the outcome in your case? Do you have a better suggestion? Use the comments.

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