How To Fix Date Complication Missing Or Not Working (watchOS 7)

How to fix Date Complication in watchOS 7

How to fix Date Complication in watchOS 7

Is the Date Complication missing or not working on your Apple Watch? In most cases, this has to do with the fact that you’ve recently updated your device to watchOS 7!

In watchOS 7 the Date complication is part of the stock Calendar app. To be able to display Today’s Date you have to use the Calendar complication. However, if you previously removed the Calendar app from the companion iPhone, the software will be also missing from the Apple Watch.

In this case, a Watch Face like Infograph Modular, that has a built-in complication won’t display any info in the Today’s Date field. More, you won’t be able to add the Date complication from the Watch Face edit menu!

How To Fix Date Complication Missing In watchOS 7

The quick fix for getting back your Date complication requires you to install the Calendar app back on your iPhone and make sure that’s also deployed on your Apple Watch:
How to reinstall Calendar app on iPhone

  • 1. On the paired iPhone, open App Store and re-install the stock Calendar app. (direct link)
  • 2. Open the Watch app on your iOS device.
  • 3. In the My Watch tab, scroll for the available app list. Make sure that Calendar is installed. If not tap INSTALL to force the process.
    Fact: Your Date complication should display properly in its predefined location.

How To Add Date Complication

You can add ‘Today’s Date’ on any Watch Face that supports complications:
how to add todays date complication to watch face

  • 1. Raise your wrist and long-press on the Watch Face.
  • 2. Tap Edit.
  • 3. Swipe for the Complications screen and tap on the location that you wish to edit.
  • 4. Use the Digital Crown to scroll for the Calendar section.
  • 5. Tap on Today’s Date and double-click the Digital Crown to save your change.

Did this tip fix the missing Calendar complication on your Apple Watch? Use the comments section available below and let us know.

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