How To Fix December 2 iOS 11 Notifications Bug That Crashes Your iPhone And iPad

iPhone X restarting because of December 2 date bug.

iPhone X restarting because of December 2 date bug.

Another annoying bug has found its way into iOS 11! This time instead of getting strange symbols autocorrected by your Keyboard, your iPhone or iPad crashes completely when you receive a local notification or reminder and your device’s date is December 2 or later. The glitch is so serious that Apple has rushed the release of iOS 11.2 in order to patch it and stop the tsunami of complaints that started to build up in Australia and New Zealand, the first countries that entered the second day of December and exposed the bug!

To make this clear for everyone. The restart is generated by an app that’s installed on your iPhone or iPad and is issuing daily reminders that are generated locally. If the app sends notifications from a remote server, there’s not respring because the server serves the correct date and time. Obviously, you won’t know which app generates its alert on the iPhone and which one requires and active Internet connection, so here is what you have to do:

2 Steps To Fix The December 2 Date Related iOS 11 Notifications Bug
1. Turn Of Notifications
To make sure that you can install the patch without any other crashes, disable notifications for all third party apps installed from the App Store!
How To: Open Settings -> Notifications tap the app’s name and hit the knob next to the Allow Notifications option to turn it OFF. Repeat the process for all apps that provide daily or repeating reminders!
2. Update To iOS 11.2
After you secured your iPhone / iPad from further crashes, return to the Settings app, tap on General -> Software Update and update to iOS 11.2, over-the-air, as you usually proceed with any other firmware upgrade.
Important: Because Apple rushed the iOS 11.2 update, the release notes don’t mention the fix for the December 2 date bug, which ads to the confusion. Nevertheless, we ensure you that it works! You can check out the company’s statement that confirms it!

Fact: After installing iOS 11.2, return to Settings -> Notifications and toggle the alerts that you stopped at step 1! Did this help you? Please share this article and make others aware about this fix!