How To Fix Fitness+ Workouts Stop (Freeze) On iPad & iPhone

Fitness+ workout freezing on iPad

Fitness+ workout freezing on iPad

Is Apple Fitness+ freezing on your iPad in the middle of a workout? Does the video stop and you have to unexpectedly abort the exercise routine? This seems to be a quite common Fitness+ connectivity problem! It’s similar to the Device Lost Connection error experienced by Apple TV users.

How To Fix Fitness+ Workouts Stopping

There are several reasons that could cause an Apple Fitness+ workout to freeze on your iPad or iPhone, including your device’s Internet connectivity, problem on the Apple server side or even an iPadOS 14.3 / iOS 14.3 bug. Here is what you can do to fix it:

1. No AirPods

Similar to the Apple TV ‘Device Lost Connection’ issue, you might wanna try to train without your AirPods. Apparently, a bug causes the devices to loose connectivity and the video will stop. The glitch doesn’t occur that often when AirPods aren’t used!

2. Disable Subtitles

apple fitness+ subtitles off
While a Fitness+ workout video and audio freezes on your iPad, subtitles continue to play. You can try to turn off the subtitles feature and see if this makes any difference.
How To: Tap the ‘captions’ icon available on the iPhone / iPad screen as the workout is playing and disable the subtitles.
Tip: On Apple TV swipe down, during a workout, on the Touch surface of the Apple TV Remote to display the Info panel, swipe to Subtitles and turn them off!

3. Download Workouts

Download a Fitness+ workout before starting it. This way you make sure that the video won’t stop because it has to buffer. It’s the same technique that users apply when playing 4K YouTube videos on a slow Internet line. Giving the video time to download before you actually play it could prevent Fitness+ workout stops!

4. Check Apple System Status

Overloaded Apple Servers can sometimes crash or experience downtime and this might cause problems with the Fitness+ service. If you haven’t experienced a frozen Fitness+ workout before, check out Apple’s System Status page for potential issues. (direct link)

5. Check Your Internet

Last but not least, your device’s Internet connectivity might be the cause. If you have multiple devices in your home streaming movies and other bandwidth consuming files, why you workout on your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV you might experience Fitness+ freezing issues. Unclog your home network and make sure that your device has steady and consistent Internet access.

Have you managed to fix Fitness+ video freezing on iPad? Did one of the above tips help? Are we missing out something? Use the comments section and share your feedback. Please mention your iPad or iPhone model. We’ve experienced this issue on iPad Air 2.

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