How To Fix iOS 13 Bluetooth Connectivity Bug With Your Car, AirPods And Other Accessories

iPhone X connected to car via Bluetooth.

iPhone X connected to car via Bluetooth.

Are you having problems with the Bluetooth connectivity between your iPhone and your car? If you just upgraded to iOS 13, you’re not the only one experiencing this issue. Apparently the 13th iOS generation comes with a bug that randomly connects and disconnects your car from your iPhone. I personally experienced this issue while listening to a podcast in the car. The iPhone disconnected for a couple of seconds before automatically reconnecting, several times.

First, we thought that there might be an issue with the 2019 iPhone flagships. But in the past days, we’ve got numerous reports from readers signaling the car Bluetooth bug on the new iPhone 11 lineup as wells as on the iPhone XS, iPhone X and iPhone 8. That surly means that the bug is iOS 13 related. So, expect a fix from Apple anytime soon now, perhaps even tomorrow with the release of iOS 13.1. In the meantime continue reading to find out how to fix the Bluetooth link between your car and your iPhone.

How To Fix iOS 13 Bluetooth Bug

Based on our own findings the issue is solved with the help of a new configuration. Simply, remove the device and start fresh over. Reconnect your device like you would do with a new iPhone and the problem should be solved. In some cases it might occur again and you will have to repeat the procedure.
Fact: The iOS 13 Bluetooth bag isn’t occurring only when you’re connecting your iPhone to your car. We’ve been informed about malfunctioning Bluetooth connectivity with AirPods and third party smartwatches. The fix is similar. Simply disconnect the malfunctioning device and repair is at new.

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