How To Fix Keyboard Not Showing Up On iPhone / iPad (iOS 14)

Keyboard not showing up on iPhone in iOS 14

Keyboard not showing up on iPhone in iOS 14

Is the built-in keyboard not showing up on iPhone or iPad, when you tap on a text entry field in Mail, Notes, Spotlight Search, App Library Search or anything similar? The keyboard is active but invisible! You can type blindly, but it’s annoying! This is a common iOS 14 bug that’s frustrating a lot of users.

4 Ways To Fix Keyboard Not Showing Up Bug

Here is what you can do to attempt to troubleshoot this issue:

1. Update To iOS 14.3

From all iOS 14 releases version 14.3 seems the best when it comes to fixing the invisible keyboard bug. If you haven’t already, we recommend you to update your iPhone / iPad.
Fact: Apple is already testing out the upcoming iOS 14.4 important software release. Unfortunately reports of keyboard not appearing have started to surface again in Beta 1. Let’s hope that the situation will be addressed in the upcoming releases. We will keep you updated.

2. Restart iPhone

A quick fix is achieved if you reboot your iOS device. You can apply the force restart trick and the invisible keyboard bug will be fixed. However, in most cases this fix is temporary and the problem will reoccur.

3. Blind Typing

As mentioned earlier, although the iPhone keyboard isn’t appearing on the screen, it’s active! A workaround requires you to blindly type one or a few more characters. Then, tap outside of the text input field to close the keyboard. Now, tap again on the text field and this time the keyboard should pop up normally!
You can delete the random characters and retype the correct input.

4. Disable Bluetooth

A series of users on Apple’s discussion forums have reported that they could fix this issue by temporary disabling Bluetooth on their iPhone / iPad.

Tip: Use Control Center to quickly turn off Bluetooth. Use the keyboard to type and re-enable Bluetooth when ready.

Fact: Apparently, the iOS 14 hidden keyboard issue is triggered by third-party Bluetooth accessory like a non-Apple smartwatch, an electronic Pen or anything similar. These devices, when connected seem to be prioritized by iOS 14 as text input unit and the built-in keyboard remains hidden.

Fix: To completely troubleshoot this issue you can visit Settings -> Bluetooth when the hidden keyboard bug plays out and check for an accessory that it’s connected. Disconnect it or forget it and the iPhone keyboard should start appearing normally.

Have you managed to fix the iOS 14 invisible keyboard issue? Did one of the tips listed in this article help you out? Which one? Use the comments section and let us know.

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