How To Fix Move Ring Not Working On Apple Watch

Move ring not working

Move Ring not working

Is the Move ring not working on Apple Watch? You’re moving but the green ring isn’t closing at all? Other Activity Rings update normally, it’s just the green one that’s not moving? Here is what you can do about it!

What Does The Green Ring Track?

The Move ring is tracking the amount of exercise that you perform during the day. Everything from brisk walking to running or any other workout that brings your heart rate up should count.

As with any other Activity Ring, there’s a daily goal that you have to reach in order to close the ring. For example, my daily goal for the Move Ring is 30 minutes and the more minutes I exercise the better I can see the green ring filling up.

How To Fix Move Ring Not Working

If you’re exercising and walking for tens of minutes but the Apple Watch isn’t picking up your workouts, you should check your settings:

1. Weight Input

On the paired iPhone open the Watch app and make sure that you view the My Watch tab:
apple watch health details

  • Scroll for Health.
  • Tap Health Details.
  • Make sure that your Weight, Height are properly set.
  • Fact: If the weight that’s configured is significantly less, than the one your actually having, the Watch might not be able to pickup brisk walking, as it might consider that you’re walking to slow. The same goes for height.

2. Age Matters

Age makes a difference too. Older people have lower hear rates while younger people have higher levels. If you’re age is not properly set up watch might not notice when your heart rate enters workout range.

Tip: You can modify your age in the same section under Birthdate.

3. Record Workouts Manually

To make sure that the Move Ring fills up, start a workout manually when you go for a brisk walk. This way you make sure that your exercise routine is tracked and the minutes are counted towards goal completion.

4. Restart Watch

Last but not least a glitch might prevent your Watch from displaying your Move Ring progress.

A reboot could fix this. Apply the Apple Watch force restart trick:

  • Simultaneously press & hold the Digital Crown + Side Button until the Apple logo is shown on the screen.

Have you managed to fix Move ring not working on Apple Watch? Do you have a better solution? Use the comments section to share your feedback.

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