How To Fix Spotlight Search Not Working On iPhone In iOS 14

how to fix spotlight search not working

How to fix Spotlight Search not coming up!

Have you updated to the latest iOS 14 version but the Spotlight Search isn’t working as expected on your iPhone? This is a bug reported by a series of users that are running the current iOS 14.0.1 version. It occurs on new iPhone models such as the 11 and 11 Pro, but also on older devices like the iPhone 7.

Spotlight search is triggered when the user swipes-down on the screen. However, in this case it only displays an empty page. No search bar or suggested apps are available. In some cases, the search field can be present but it doesn’t return any results when used. This happens on every screen, including the Today View, that also supports Spotlight Search in iOS 14.

How To Fix Spotlight Search Not Working

1. Reboot iPhone

Fortunately, this glitch can be fixed easily with the good old iPhone force restart trick.

  • Click and release Volume Up.
  • Click and release Volume Down.
  • Press & hold the Side Button until the Apple logo flashes on the screen. Be patient until your iPhone restarts. Type the Passcode and check if Spotlight search is working again.

Fact: The fix isn’t permanent but the bug takes a while to replicate. Most likely, we’ll have to get a software update to have permanent solution for this issue.

2. Disable ‘Show Home Controls’

Sam reported (in the comments section) that he managed to fix Spotlight Search not working by disabling the Show Home Controls option.

How to: Browse for Settings -> Control Center and turn off Show Home Controls. Does this fix work for you too?

Spotlight Search Not Coming Up?

The new iOS 14 Home Screen widgets can interfere with the way you enable Spotlight search on your iPhone, especially if you’re filling up the Home Screen with Smart Stack widgets.
The custom widget collections are swipeable and thus when you can often swipe a Smart Stack instead of triggering the Spotlight search.
Fix: Just be careful where you swipe and keep the middle-right area of the Home Screen Smart Stack-free (or middle-left if you’re using the iPhone with your left hand)

How To Customize Spotlight Search

If there are not app suggested when your open the iOS Search feature you have to check and see if Suggestions are enabled:
how to enable siri suggestins for spotlight search

  • 1. Open Settings.
  • 2. Tap on Siri & Search.
  • 3. Enable Suggestions while Searching, in the Siri Suggestions section.

Tip: You can display expanded Siri Suggestions if you tap on the arrow icon available in the top-right corner of the suggestion box. This will allow iOS to display 8 apps instead of 4, maximizing the chances of you actually needing one of the mentioned apps.

Other Searches in iOS 14

four search options in iOS 14
1. App Library
Alongside Spotlight Search iOS 14 also includes and new search option for the App Library. If you swipe all the way to the end of the Home Screen pages you bring up the App Library, that comes with its own search. It allows you to search for apps installed on your iPhone.

2. Settings Search
Another search option that’s not related with Spotlight is the Search open of the Settings app. You can use it to jump to a desired setting without having to browse through all complicated menu pages.

3. Siri Search
A third option to search your iPhone from the Home Screen is provided by Siri. Use the ‘Hey Siri’ command or long-press the Side button to summon your virtual assistant. Ask anything that you need. You can speak out or if this isn’t an option, use Type to Siri to input your command.
How To: If Type to Siri isn’t available you can enable it in Settings -> Accessibility -> Siri -> Type to Siri.

Are you experiencing the iOS 14 Spotlight Search bug too? Let us know with the help of the comments section available below.

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