How To Fix The iCloud ‘Verification Failed’ Error

iCloud 'Verification Failed' error prompt

iCloud ‘Verification Failed’ error prompt.

A series of iCloud related issues have been reported in a short time frame on Tuesday. If you had problems signing in to your iCloud account, or problems with accessing iCloud web apps and iCloud Mail, they should have been solved by now. However, this can reoccur in the future and you have to know how to handle it. Whenver you encounter strange iCloud log-in problems you have to check if the service is dealing with a generalized problem caused by an extended dowtime. The easiest way to check this is to open Apple’s system status page and get a confirmation.

If Apple confirms the issue you can only be patient and wait until the iCloud related service is back up and running. Even if the system status page doesn’t confirm the problem, you should not stress to much about it. Sometimes issues are logged with a slight delay. However, you can still double check that you’re using your correct iCloud log-in credentials.

iCloud Account, Mail and Web Apps downtime ResolvediCloud Verification Failed Sign In Error
The iCloud service downtime can cause various errors to be displayed when you attempt to log-in to your account. The most common of them prompts you with a ‘Verification Failed’ message. You’re informed that “The application you have selected does not exit”. Tapping on “Try Again” will display the same error message. Your best bet is to “Cancel” and wait until the iCloud service downtime is fixed.

iCloud Downtime Related Problems
If Apple’s iCloud service fails to work in normal parameters, a series of other related services can be affected too. The Apple Pay service can also become unresponsive as well as app specific passwords.
Fact: According to previous troubleshooting history serious downtime of an Apple service rarely last longer than 60 minutes.

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