How To Fix The iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max Scratched Screen

iphone 11 pro max with multiple scratches after just a few days of usage

iPhone 11 Pro Max with multiple scratches after just a few days of usage.

Is your iPhone 11, 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max experiencing scratches after only a few days of usage? You’re not the only one! Apparently there’s a bunch of 2019 iPhone flagship owners that complain all over the web about this issue. Most of them have been using previous iPhone models in the same conditions and are now reporting scratches that they did not encounter in years of usage on their previous devices. Is the iPhone 11 lineup more vulnerable to scratches than its predecessors?

At the time of writing, it’s too early to tell but there might be a logical explanation for this problem. Apple has advertised the 2019 iPhones as being equipped with the strongest glass on a smpartphone. This means that the iPhone 11’s glass is the most shatter resistant screen on an iPhone. However, for a glass to be shatter resistant it has to be softer. This makes it more flexible and able to handle shocks better without cracking. On the other hand, softer glass scratches easier. Unfortunately, for the moment we can’t have both shock and scratch resistant.

What To Expect From Apple’s Service Repairs

Problem Description/Diagnosis
Issue: Customer reports is scratching really easily.
Customer reports multiple posts on Apple Forums which report this issue.
Steps to Reproduce: Observed scratches on display.
Cosmetic Condition: Scratches on display. No obvious signs of damage on the enclosure.
Proposed Resolution: Advised customer that scratches on display are classified as cosmetic damage, which is not covered under warranty.
Advised this would be classed as accidental damage which would require a display replacement at a cost of $319 if customer wished to rectify.
Advised customer they can raise this issue with AppleCare or return to retailer if they wish to have a conversation regarding their consumer law rights.
Resolution: Customer Declined.
Reason: Other.

iPhone 11 Pro scratches after 1 week
iphone 11 pro with scratches after 1 week of usage
iPhone 11 Pro demo unit full of scratches
iphone 11 pro demo unit full of scratches in store
iPhone 11 scratched on the back
iphone 11 scratched on the back

Use Screen Protector And Cover
Until now, Apple hasn’t officially addressed this issue or recognized any manufacturing flaw. This means that if you bring your device to an accredited repair shop you won’t benefit from a free screen replacement. Your problem will be labeled as mechanical and you, as the users will be the one blamed for the scratches. Frankly you can’t prove that you haven’t dropped the phone and the the scratches occurred only after normal usage.
In this situation, the only solution is to prevent the scratches from occurring. Those that are already there can be masked with a screen protector. You can a rubber-like screen protector on both the front and rear of your iPhone 11. Of course, that it’s a shame to be “forced” to stick a screen protector on a +$1000 phone, but this is the only way that you can keep your iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max scratch-free.

iPhone 11 midnight green with 2 inch scratch
iphone 11 midnight green with 2 inch scratch
iPhone 11 Pro with smudge on the screen.
iphone 11 pro with smudge on the screen
Heavily scratched iPhone 11 after only a couple of weeks of usage
heavily scratched iphone 11 after only a couple of weeks of usage

Fact: I won’t recommend any screen protectors in this article, because my goal isn’t to generate sales and affiliate commission from these accessories, but to raise awareness and warn new iPhone 11 adopters about how prone these new devices are to scratches. If you encounter the same problem please share your experience in the comment section available below.

You can also read about similar cases on Apple’s own support thread available here. You’ll find various stories as well as photos with iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max units that have huge screen scratches after only a few days of usage.