How To Fix Time Not Showing On iPhone Lock Screen In iOS 16

Time not showing properly on Lock Screen

Time not showing properly on Lock Screen

Is the current time not showing properly on iPhone since you’ve updated to iOS 16? This can happen if you’re using the new iOS 16 Lock Screen customization feature that allows you to use Suggested Photos or Photo Shuffle as wallpaper themes!

Sometimes the current time can be hidden behind the landscape or the main subject of the photo. This causes the time to not display properly. A big part of the numbers can be masked by a subject that’s portrayed in the foreground. This makes time reading difficult.

How To Fix Time Not Showing Properly On Lock Screen

To prevent the current time from hiding behind wallpaper tweak the following setting:
how to fix time hidden on lock screen

  • Long press the Lock Screen to enter Edit mode.
  • Tap Customize.
  • Tap the three-dots in the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  • Go for Disable Depth Effects.
  • Tip: If noticed this being a problem when photos that have been shot with Portrait mode are drafted as wallpapers.

Fact: That’s it! Current Time should display properly on the Lock Screen now. I’m not sure if this is a glitch, but iOS 16 is currently in its very early stages and Lock Screen customization is a brand new feature that surly requires more fine tuning!

Have you managed to fix time not showing on Lock Screen in iOS 16? Do you have a better suggestion? Use the comments section and share your thoughts.

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