How To Fix Universal Clipboard Not Working In macOS Big Sur

macOS Big Sur Universal Clipboard Issue

macOS Big Sur Universal Clipboard issue

You’ve recently updated to macOS Big Sur but the Universal Clipboard between Mac and iPhone isn’t working anymore? Are you trying to copy-paste across your Apple devices without success? Is your MacBook not found when trying to AirDrop from your iPhone, or worse you’re not able to airdrop at all files from your Apple computer?

How To Fix Universal Clipboard

AirDrop and Universal Clipboard issues are common for macOS Big Sur. Fortunately, it’s quite easy to fix them. Here are some of the best options:

1. Reset Bluetooth Settings

This is yet another Bluetooth related macOS 11.0.1 problem. Resetting the Bluetooth settings should fix it. Proceed as follows:
deleted Bluetooth configuration from macOS Big Sur library

  • Click on the Bluetooth icon, in the top menu bar and turn it off.
  • Open Finder and search for Library. Make sure that you’re using the ‘This Mac’ filter.
  • Double-click the Library folder and scroll for Preferences.
  • Locate and delete the file.
  • Reboot your Mac and enable Bluetooth. The Universal Clipboard and AirDrop features should work now.

2. Use Terminal Commands

If Universal Clipboard is still not working on your Mac you can attempt to fix it with Terminal commands. However, be extremely cautious with executing code in the Terminal app. A wrong move could brick your Mac.

  • Open the Terminal app, using Finder.
  • Execute the command available below to check if ClipboardSharingEnabled is equal to zero. If it is, proceed to the next step:
    Command: defaults read ~/Library/Preferences
  • Copy/Paste the command string available below and press ‘Enter’ to delete ClipboardSharingEnabled = 0 (only if it’s ‘0’):
    Command: defaults delete ~/Library/Preferences/ ClipboardSharingEnabled
  • Reboot your Mac and test out the Universal Clipboard. Does it work now?
  • Extra: You can also execute the following command to set the default ClipboardSharingEnabled setting on your Mac:
    defaults write ~/Library/Preferences/ ClipboardSharingEnabled 1
    Credits for this fix: patpluto on Reddit

3. Make Sure That Handoff Is Enabled

If none of the above fixes work, do check for Handoff to be enabled on both Mac and iPhone / iPad.
On Mac: System Preferences -> General -> Allow Handoff between this Mac and your iCloud devices.
On iPhone / iPad: Settings -> General -> AirPlay & Handoff -> Handoff

Updated (November 28)

4.iCloud Account Fix

Reader DD has informed us, using the comments section available at the end of this article that she managed to fix the macOS Big Sur Universal Clipboard bug, by signing out of her iCloud account on both Mac and iPhone and then signed back it and allowed the devices to sync.
How To:
– On Mac: System Preferences -> Apple ID -> Overview -> Sign Out.
– On iPhone: Settings -> Apple ID -> scroll for Sign Out.
Tip: Sign back in using the same Settings menus. Be patient until the info is synced and try to use the Universal Clipboard and AirDrop functions.

Have you managed to fix the Universal Clipboard not working problem in macOS Big Sur? What about AirDrop not working on your Mac? Use the comment section and let us know. Did we miss something? Do you have another fix for this? Don’t hesitate to share it.

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