How To Get A Brand New Battery For Your iPhone 5S / 5C For Under $15

brand new iphone 5s battery

Brand new iPhone 5S battery.

Although the iPhone 5s is an Apple device released almost 6 years ago, it’s still quite popular among smartphone fans from all over the world. Because of its age there is a growing number of battery related problems for this model. All iPhones are equipped with Lithium-ion battery, which will naturally decrease in capacity as they age. The iPhone’s Lithium-ion batteries are designed to last for hundreds of charging cycles. After that it’s able to store less and less power. At some point the battery becomes so deprecated that it requires multiple charges during a day, which obviously renders your iPhone unusable.

Old iPhone models are most likely not covered by warranty. This means that the user has to support the full battery replacement costs. Considering that the resell value of the iPhone 5S or 5C is low, a Genius Bar appointment for an official paid repair might not be the cheapest solution. In most cases an official replacement of an iPhone 5S battery can be more expensive than the resell value of the refurbished device. However, if you’re that fond of your iPhone 5S and don’t want to upgrade to a newer model, there is also a cheap do it yourself option available which allows you to get a new iPhone 5S /5C battery for under $15.

ogodeal iphone 5s battery details
iPhone 5S / 5C Aftermarket Battery Details
– Capacity: 1560 mAh (guaranteed for 500 cycles without power decrease)
– Watt Hours: 5.92 Whr
– Voltage: 3.8 V
– 1 hour longer standby time than the original battery
– 10% longer battery life
– 24-Month Warranty

3 Steps To Get A Brand New Battery For Your iPhone 5S / 5C

Important: This is an aftermarket option and has to be treated accordingly. It’s a do it yourself method that can save you a nice amount of cash but can also lead to iPhone damage if not done properly. Always use the instructions manual and the videos provided below before starting the repair!

1. Order the oGoDeal Battery for iPhone 5S / 5c from Amazon.
aftermaket iPhone 5s 5c battery replacement kit Direct purchase link: Click here.
At the time of writing this battery replacement kit is available on Amazon for $14.88. It includes:
-> A brand new Lithium-ion battery for your Apple smartphone. We’re talking about a 0-cycle new battery. This isn’t a refurbished component. The manufacturer guarantees that its performance matches the power of the original iPhone 5S battery. It’s advertised to last at least 500 charging cycles.
Compatible models: iPhone 5S (A1453,A1457,A1518, A1528,A1530,A1533) and iPhone 5C ( A1456, A1507, A1516, A1529, A1532). Read here how to find
-> A complete Repair Kit including screws, seals and other tools that will allow you to perform the repair by yourself.

2. Learn How To Replace iPhone 5S / 5C
If you’ve never replaced an iPhone battery before watch these YouTube tutorials and learn how to do it yourself. Watch them several times and use them as step by step guidance when replacing your own battery.

Important: Also read the comments of these videos as they can contain precious tips from users like you that have replaced the battery by themselves.

3. Do It Yourself
After you receive the iPhone 5S / 5C battery replacement kit from Amazon, use the info obtained from the videos shared above and install the new battery on your device!
Important: If you don’t think that you can manage it on your own, bring your iPhone along with the purchased repair kit to a local third-party smartphone repair service and ask them to perform the replacement for you.
Tip: After the replacement, to ensure top performance, make sure that you calibrate the new battery. This is done by depleting the power to below 5% and charging it fully to 100%. Repeat this full charging cycle 2 or 3 times. Is the battery percentage not displaying in the top right corner of the screen. Here is how to enable it!

More: oGoDeal also provides aftermarket replacement batteries for the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus.