How To Get Apple Music On Samsung Smart TV For Free

Apple Music now available on Samsung TV

Apple Music now available on Samsung TV.

Samsung has just become the first TV brand that integrates Apple Music on a Smart TV platform. Until now, only Apple TV owners could get access to this premium media service and play it on a TV. However, the Apple TV is an extra piece of hardware that has to be connected to a TV set in order to work. Samsung’s latest addition allows you to play Apple Music directly on your smart TV.

Apple Music is a paid music streaming service that provides access to over 60-million ad-free songs. It comes with thousands of professionally curated playlists, live radios, music videos and more. When I say more I’m thinking about original shows or trending concerts. Yes, Apple Music is now the second-largest music streaming service. It trails Spotify by around 40 million users, according to the latest reports. Nevertheless, the gap is shrinking with each quarterly measurement release!

Apple Music On Samsung TV Requirements
First of all, before we check out how to get Apple Music on your Samsung TV you have to check if your hardware is compatible. According the the South Korean tech giant you need to own a 2018 manufactured Samsung Smart TV, or later.
Fact: The Apple Music app for Samsung TV is 36.15 MB large.

How To Get Apple Music On Samsung TV
Apple Music avaialable in the recommended apps section on Samsung TV To start listening you need to install the app on your TV set.
1. Open your Samsung TV and access the Smart Hub.
2. In the Samsung App Store search for Apple Music.
Tip: The app is listed in the Lifestyle section. But you will most likely find it quick in the Recommended apps section.
3. Select the Install option and the app will be deployed on your TV set.
4. Sign in with your Apple ID and if you’re already subscribed to the service you can start listening!

How To Subscribe To Apple Music For Free On Samsung TV
In case that you haven’t tried Apple Music before you can grab a 3-month free trial for a individual, family or student subscription. All that you have to do is sign in with your Apple ID and see if you qualify for this deal.
If you’re new to the Apple environment, create an ID first and then you can apply for the free 3-month trial.

Apple Music On Samsung TV
how to use Apple Music on Samsung TV The first glimpse of the app show that the interface is very similar to the original Apple Music app found on an Apple TV.
– The “For You” section lists music suggestions curated by professional Apple editors. You also get the playlists customized to the music that you like.
– “Browse” comes with more generalized playlists, radio stations and mainly focuses on trending songs and new releases.
– There is also a dedicated “Radio” section that features Beats 1 shows, provides access to trending music videos.
– “Library” includes your favorite Apple Music sons, playlists and other personal tracks stored in your iCloud.
– “Now Playing” shows was currently on the line.
– “Search” allows you to look for specific songs, albums or artists.

Do you plan to use Apple Music on your Samsung TV? Let us know in the comments section available below!

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