How To Get Instagram Dark Mode On Your iPhone

Instagram Dark Mode support for iOS 13

Instagram Dark Mode support for iOS 13.

Instagram has just rolled out an update that includes support for the iOS 13 Dark Mode feature. That’s about 3 weeks after the official release of the 13th iOS generation, which is actually not bad at all for a Facebook-owned app! The new Instagram dark theme mixes the dark gray and black colors to reduce the strain on your eyes when you’re browsing the app in a low-light environment. It integrates perfectly with the iOS 13 system-wide Dark Mode and is a welcomed addition for any iPhone owner.

All that you have to do in order to benefit from this new feature is make sure that you’ve updated your iPhone to iOS 13. Any version will work, but as usual we recommend you to grab the latest version (iOS 13.1.2 at the time of writing). Next, open the App Store app and check for Instagram app updates. If you’re not sure how to update apps in iOS 13, here is a quick tutorial that will help you out. You need to run Instagram app version 114.0 or later in order to get the Dark Mode support!

Tip: Don’t look for any Dark theme reference in the Instagram app update log. You won’t find anything because the Facebook-owned apps always display the boring “bug fixes and performance improvements” message. I can confirm however that version 114.0 is the one that comes with iOS 13 Dark Mode integration!

How To Enable Instagram Dark Mode For iPhone

Instagram iOS 13 dark mode screenshot Because Instagram is able to integrate with the system-wide iOS 13 Dark Mode enabling it isn’t complicated. All that you have to do is make sure that the native dark theme is enabled on your iPhone, this will trigger the similar theme in your Instagram app.
In iOS 13 Dark Mode can be set to kick-in automatically according to the sunset time in your location. You can also enable it manually whenever you want from the Control Center.

Fact: Instagram receives iOS 13 Dark Theme support before the Facebook app. That’s a sign that Facebook will become dark soon too. Stay tuned because we will inform you as soon as it happens!

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