How To Handoff Between Apple Watch and iPhone

handoff from apple watch to iphone

Handoff from Apple Watch to iPhone!

The Apple Watch comes with many iPhone-like features, but it can’t totally replace your iOS device when it comes to high volumes of data. What I want to underline is that you’re generally end up more efficient if you switch for your iOS device, when it comes to lengthy text inputs, long-lasting phone calls or extended navigation sessions. That’s because you type easier with the onscreen iPhone keyboard, have a longer battery life time while talking on your smartphone, or a better view when following maps.

You have to understand that the Apple Watch is mainly a handy, wearable piece of technology that grabs the functions of your iPhone and makes them available on your wrist. However, size does matter and you have to accept that your smartwatch is currently designed for short interaction. The more prolonged a feature is used, the more recommended is to switch and perform it on your iPhone.

What is Handoff?
apple watch requests iphone handoff But how can I always know how long a call will last, how much I’ll use Maps or how much I’ll text? You don’t have to worry about these details because Apple has introduced the Handoff feature. It allows you to easily move between Watch and iPhone without losing your current progress. For example, if you read a mail on Apple Watch and wish to respond, but you realize that you’ll reply will be extensive, use Handoff to switch to your iPhone for more efficient typing.
Or, if you read a mail and your smartwatch prompts you that it comes with media elements that can’t be displayed on your wrist gadget, you can easily move to your iOS device and read the full content.

How To Enable Handoff
This clever feature has to be activated before you can use it. Grab your iPhone and open the Apple Watch app. Now, navigate to My Watch and tap on General. Hit Enable Handoff and you’re ready to switch.
Do mind that for this device swapping feature to work you need to be with your Apple Watch within Bluetooth connectivity range. That’s not more than 33 feet (10 meters) away from your iPhone.

apple watch to iphone handoff demoHandoff from Apple Watch to iPhone
Let’s get back to the email replay example. After you read the mail on your wrist, wake your iOS device. You should notice a new icon in the bottom-left corner of your iPhone’s screen. It’s the symbol of the app that you are currently using on your Watch. Swipe up on the icon and the same screen will be displayed on your smartphone. Type your reply and move on!

7 Native Apps are currently available for Handoff: Phone, Messages, Mail, Maps, Calendar, Reminders and Siri!