How To Host Cross-Platform Skype Video Calls With A Link (No Download Or Sign In Required)

Host Skype conference call with just a link

Host Skype conference call with just a link.

Video conference platforms like Skype, Zoom and WhatsApp have been flooded with new users during the COVID-19 pandemic. Until now, only Zoom was providing users the ability to host video conference calls with a link, without requiring the users to download the app or sign-in with the platform. However, not many are aware that Skype also comes with this functionality and can provide free, personalized and unique links for hosting cross-platform conference calls!

Read on and learn how to host a conference call with just a link, via Skype. This feature connects users from multiple platforms. You can join the video call from iOS, macOS, iPadOS, Android, Windows and many more. Stay in touch with your loved ones during the novel Coronavirus outbreak and respect the lockdown imposed by local authorities to help stop the spread out.

How To Skype Video Call Without Log-in And App Download
how to start Skype video call with a link 1. Create a free virtual meeting room on the official Skype free conference call webpage: tap here!
2. Hit the “Create a free meeting” button. A link under the form: will be generated.
3. Tap on Share Invite and you have the option to copy the link and share it via other communication channels like Messages, Messenger, WhatsApp and so on. Or hit Outlook Mail or Gmail to share the link via an email message with your friends, family, loved ones and any other conversation partner.
4. Tap on Start call.
5. The newly created meeting room will load in your browser and you are asked to join the Skype conversation. You can do it as a guest or you can Sign in / Create a Skype account. Use the Join as guest option for straightforward access.
iPhone users need to download Skype for ios though Fact: Apparently there currently is a problem with joining the link from an iPhone / iPad and you do have to download Skype for iOS to proceed.
6. If you sign in as a guest, just enter the name that you want to display during the conversation.
Fact: Guest accounts automatically expire in 24 hours.
7. Wait until the meeting room loads. A chat is available and you can see who joined.
8. Tap Start call to begin your video conference.

3 Great Features Of Skype Video Calls
how to join a skype call as guest Excepting the fact that these video conferences are free of charge and can be joined without downloading an app or owning a Skype account there are three more great benefits:
1. Record your call and replay it later: engage in your online video meetings without worrying that you miss out on taking notes. You can always replay the call at a later date and see if you missed something.
2. Blur the background is a very handy feature. If you’re on the go and did not have time to prepare for the call, use the background blur option and the mess in your room will be hidden.
3. Share your screen easily during a conference call and be as explicit as possible.

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