How To Install Free New Mac Fonts In macOS Catalina

Free new fonts available in macOS Catalina

Free new fonts available in macOS Catalina.

Apple has recently updated the fonts collection available in macOS Catalina. The new fonts are accessible as free downloads. However, they haven’t reached the spotlight yet and I’m sure that many of you aren’t aware of them. All new fonts are available as optional downloads. Any Mac owner that wants to use them, can do it without any additional costs.

The recent macOS fonts update brings 7 new family fonts: Canela (16 styles), Domaine Display (6 styles), Founders Grotesk (17 styles), Graphik (18 styles), Produkt (8 styles), Proxima Nova (12 styles) and Publico (12 styles). There are also three new individual display fonts: Sauber Script, Quotes Caps and Quotes Script.

How To Install The New Fonts In macOS Catalina
Before starting we recommend you to upgrade to the latest macOS Catalina release, version 10.15.5 (at the time of publishing).
how to install new fonts on Mac 1. Open the Font Book app on your Mac.
Tip: You can do it from the Launchpad or from the Finder app.
2. Click on All Fonts, available at the top of the Font Book app sidebar.
3. Scroll the font list. A greyed out font means that the font in question isn’t installed on your Mac. Click on the font-family name to unveil the available styles.
4. Ctrl+click the font name.
5. Click “Download [font name]”.
6. Click “Download” again to confirm that you’re aware about the download.
Tip: Check “Do not ask me again” to avoid Step 6, in case of future font downloads.

Fact: If you choose to download a single style from a new font-family it will still generate the download of the entire family.

Tip: You can use the Font Book app search field to reach and download a specific font faster.

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