How To Install watchOS 5 Beta On Your Apple Watch

watchos 5 for apple watch

watchoOS 5 for Apple Watch.

The 5th watchOS generation has started its beta testing phase. This means that developers and advanced users can download and install watchOS 5 on their Apple Watch models. If you’re among those that can’t wait until the official release, scheduled for the fall of 2018, you can find below an extended tutorial about how to update your smartwatch! However, before proceeding be aware that if you don’t like the test version you won’t be able to downgrade yourself back to watchOS 4.3!

Differently from iOS, tvOS and macOS the Apple Watch operating system doesn’t come with a public beta version. Officially, only registered Apple developers are entitled to test new watchOS versions. However, there is a workaround and everyone with a compatible Apple Watch can install watchOS 5. Talking about compatibility, the 5th watchOS generation is the first release that doesn’t support all Apple Watch models available on the market. Unfortunately the original Apple Watch units aren’t compatible with watchOS 5!

How To Update Apple Watch To watchOS 5
1. Paired iPhone Needs iOS 12
Before your Apple Watch comes into scene, you first have to make sure that the paired iPhone is running iOS 12 Beta. If you haven’t installed it already you can do so, by following our step-by-step guide!
Important: Downgrading to watchOS 4.3 can’t be done “at home”. You need to bring your Apple Watch to an offline Apple Store if you want to revert from watchOS 5 Beta. Be fully aware of this before proceeding!

watchos 5 beta profile for apple watch 2. Install the watchOS 5 Beta Profile
With iOS 12 Beta up and running, tap on this link to download the watchOS 5 Beta Configuration Profile on your iPhone. Only with the help of this profile, will the Apple Watch app be able to detect the watchOS 5 Software Update.
Fact: If you’re a registered Apple developer, or want to download the certificate the official way. Register as an Apple Developer (a $100 fee is involved in the process) and download the watchOS 5 certificate from the watchOS 5 download page on! Below you can find a workaround:

  • After opening the link provided above, you will be prompted to accept a prompt that allows you to download the watchOS 5 Beta Profile. Tap Accept!
  • Now, select Apple Watch as the device that you want to download the profile for.
  • Tap on Install to deploy the Profile on the paired iPhone.
  • Provide your iPhone’s Passcode and hit Install once again.
  • Tap on Restart to reboot your Apple Watch and enable the freshly downloaded Certificate.

3. Install watchOS 5 Beta On Apple Watch
With the Configuration Profile installed the update to watchOS 5 is done over-the-air, similar to any other public software update.

  • On the paired iPhone, open the Apple Watch app.
  • In the My Watch tab browse for General -> Software Update.
  • Tap on Download and Install and acknowledge that you’re informed that you’re about to install a beta software that is only deemed for beta test devices!
  • Provide your Passcode and wait patiently until watchOS 5 is downloaded and unpacked on your Apple Watch. That’s it!

Tip: Your smartwatch needs to be connected to a power outlet and have a battery percentage higher than 50!