How To Instantly Close All Tabs In iOS 10 Safari

ios 10 safari close all tabs feature

iOS 10 Safari Close All Tabs feature.

Along with the massive and highly appreciated Lock Screen, Control Center and Messages app revamps, iOS 10 also introduces a bunch of many other minor changes, that could easily pass undiscovered, but are quite useful.
You know the saying “it’s in the small things” and this is why our team is currently test driving iOS 10. We publish information about new tweaks added by the Cupertino developers to the 10th generation iPhone and iPad Operating System.
Today’s TIL is about Safari and a much needed shortcut that allows you to clean your iPhone’s browser with a single tap.

It happens to all of us to have tens of Safari tabs open at one time, simply because there are a lot of third party apps that open web pages with the help of the built-in iOS Internet browser. Whenever you click a hyperlink in Mail or Messages a new tab is generated. This leads to an overcrowded Safari tab viewer, making it hard for you to reach those tabs that you truly need from a bunch of others.
Closing one tab at a time can prove to be time consuming. But, guess what! Apple has finally introduced the Close All Tabs feature!

How To Instantly Close All Safari Tabs

1. Open the stock iOS browser on your iPhone.
2. Open the Tab View, by pressing the icon, displaying two tabs. It’s available in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
3. Tap & Hold Done, available in the same bottom-right corner of the screen, until the “Close [x Tabs]” option appears.
4. Tap it all open tabs will be instantly closed.
Fact: If you reconsider, you can hit Cancel or tap anywhere outside the dialog box to close it.

This is a great shortcut for checking how many Safari tabs you have opened. Because, every time when you attempt to close all tabs at once, as explained above, you’re prompted with the total number available.

Close All Safari Tabs on iPad

Closing all Safari tabs at once on your iPad, is even easier. You have to long-press the Tab View button to unveil the “Close [x Tabs] ” option.
Fact: This shortcut is similar the the Open New Tab long press shortcut that unveils a list with the recently closed Safari windows.

safari tab view button

Safari Tab View button.

ios 10 safari tab view

Long Press Done to Close All Tabs.

iOS 10 close all safari tabs option

iOS 10 Close all Safari tabs option.

Fact: Starting with iOS 10 you can open an unlimited number of Safari tabs. In earlier numbers the amount of cards was limited to 36.

Tip: If you want to clean up Safari more thoroughly you can also delete saved website data and free up space on your iPhone.