How To Listen To Apple Music Radio Free On iPhone And iPad

Apple Music Radio Free

Apple Music Radio Free

Did you know that you can now listen to Apple Music radio stations for free? In iOS 14 you’re able to tune in to worldwide radios with Apple Music, without having an active subscription. This is available for both iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, but unfortunately doesn’t work on Macs, running macOS Big Sur.

How To Listen To Apple Music Radio Free

how to listen to apple music radio free
All that you have to do is open the Apple Music app on your iOS device and tap on the Radio icon, available in the bottom menu, next to Search.
Browse through the available radio stations and hit Play to start listening.
Tip: Use the Apple Music Search feature to look up and find your favorite radio station. A good idea is to type [station name] followed by the radio keyword.
Important: Playable radio stations are accompanied by the ‘TuneIn’ label in the search results.

Apple Music Radio Free On Apple Watch

apple music radio free on apple watch
You can also play Apple Music radio free on your watchOS device, without having an iPhone around, as long as you pair your watch to your AirPods or any other Bluetooth headset.
Fact: On the Watch the free playback is restricted to Apple’s radio stations: Apple Music 1, Apple Music Hits, and Apple Music Country

Apple Music Radio Station List

Below you can find some of our favorite radio stations available in Apple Music. Don’t hesitate to add your own by using the comments section available at the end of this article:
Apple’s radio stations: Apple Music 1, Apple Music Hits, and Apple Music Country
Local Broadcasters: includes a list of popular radio stations in your region.
International Broadcasters:
English: ABC NewsRadio, Fox FM, BBC Radio London, BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 3.
Spanish: Lost 40 Rioja.
German: Antenne Bayern (Relax, Coffee Music, Chillout, Top 40, Classic Rock Live), Bayern 3, Deutschlandfunk, Radioeins.
Italian: RAI Radio 1, RAI Radio 2, Radio Italia, Virgin Radio Italy.
French: Radio Monte Carlo, Radio FG, Radiole.
Arabic: BBC Arabic.
Chinese: YES 93.3 FM.
Portuguese: Antena 2, Antena 3.
Hebrew: Radio Tel Aviv.

Apple Music Radio Not Free On Mac

apple music free radio not available on Mac
Unfortunately, this feature is currently not available on Mac. Attempting the same trick in macOS Big Sur brings up the prompt that asks you to subscribe to Apple Music.
Tip: If you think about joining Apple’s premium music service you should check the new Apple One subscription that bundles multiple Apple services into one membership for a really competitive price.

Are you listening to radio stations on your iPhone? Share your feedback in the comments section available below.

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