How To Mute Apple Watch Activity Notifications

apple watch mute for today feature

Apple Watch Mute for Today feature.

A lot of us appreciate the Apple Watch’s unique fitness tracking capabilities. There have been numerous reports about users that successfully improved their fitness levels, with the help of this revolutionary wearable. The Activity app with its Reminders, Alerts and Progress Updates, has a crucial role in motivating Apple Watch owners to move that extra mile and check a few more activity minutes, to make the difference and win the battle with sedentariness.

Nevertheless, every now and then there’s a day when you wish to relax and would like to avoid being bothered by the Apple Watch’s taptic engine, when it comes to Stand Reminders, Activity Ring status and everything else related. You’re decided not to chase your goals in that particular day, so the Activity notifications can be muted. In watchOS 2 this is achievable with the help of a new Activity setting called Mute Reminders for One Day.

Muting Apple Watch Activity Reminders
In order to to be able to cheat from exercising without having second thoughts you can only silence the Activity app alerts for the current day. You can mute all alerts directly from the Apple Watch or from the Apple Watch app installed on the pair iPhone.
1. Mute From iPhone
watchos 2 mute reminders for one day setting Grab your iOS device and open the Apple Watch app. Make sure that you browse the My Watch screen and scroll for the Activity app. It should be the first one in the third grouping, the one containing native watchOS apps. Tap on its label to enter the setup page. Now, you can toggle ON the knob next to the Mute Reminders for One Day label.
Tip: If you wish to partially restrict Activity Reminders, you can leave the setting mention above turned OFF and disable other alerts like: Stand Reminders, Goal Completions, and Achievements. You can also set the Progress Updates to the maximum time-frame of Every 8 hours.

2. Silence From Apple Watch
mute apple watch stand reminders for today If you forget to mute Activity reminders from the iPhone, you can do it when the first Stand Reminder is issued. This notification kicks in when you spend the first 50 minutes of an hour, idle, sitting down at your office, in front of the couch or anywhere else. WatchOS 2 has added the option labeled as Mute for Today, right below the OK button, used to dismiss the Stand alert. Tap it and you’ll obtain the same effect as the one described at point 1.

Fact: So, whenever you have an important day and don’t wanna be disturbed by your Apple Watch, mute the Activity notifications. If you want you can go one step furtherand enable the Do Not Disturb mode on your wearable. Finally, if you aim to completely disappear from the radar, activate Airplane Mode in combination with muting Activity alerts for the current day.