How To Open Notifications And Control Center From Any Apple Watch Screen

Accessing Control Center from Messages

Accessing Control Center from Messages.

Until watchOS 5 the Apple Watch Control Center and Notifications view were available only from the Watch Face screen. This meant that whenever you wanted to toggle a feature On or Off, light up your Torch, enable Silent mode and much more you had to exit the current app, return to the Watch Face and swipe-up for the Control Center. The same applied for checking Notifications. You had to click the Digital Crown and then swipe-down from the Watch Face to review the latest alerts.

Thankfully this changes in watchOS 5. Now, you can bring up the Control Center or slide down the Notifications view from any screen of your wrist-worn device. The new gesture is available for all Apple Watch models compatible with watchOS 5. This includes the entire collection, excepting the original Apple Watch Series 0 version. Read on and learn how to show notifications and Control Center from any screen!

Gestures: All that you have to do is touch and hold before swiping up or down:
1. Control Center: Touch & hold the bottom of the screen and then swipe up to bring up the handy toggles.
2. Notifications View: Touch & hold the top of the screen and swipe-down to unveil the latest Apple Watch notifications.

Tip: To close the Control Center after you made the intended adjustments you can tap the top of the screen, or click the Digital Crown, or press the Side Button. To close the Notifications view, after reviewing the alerts, you have to swipe-up from the bottom of the screen or click one of the two Apple Watch buttons.

Related: watchOS 5 also give you the option to edit the order of the toggles available in the Control Center. Here is how to do it! Also, watchOS 5.1.2 adds a new Walkie-Talkie on/off toggle to the same Control Center panel!