How To Pay With Apple Pay And Face ID On iPhone X

apple pay and iphone x

Apple Pay and iPhone X

Apple Pay is a very popular service among iPhone users and it has always been invoked with the help of the Home-button double-click gesture and authenticated with a fingerprint, via Touch ID. However, none of the two steps are valid anymore, if you upgraded to the iPhone X. The 10th anniversary iPhone doesn’t pack a Home button anymore, in order to be able to accommodate the edge-to-edge OLED display. It neither does feature a fingerprint reader.

Nevertheless, paying with Apple Pay is more seamless than ever. Invoking it is done with the help of the Side button, while the authorization is granted via Face ID. All that you have to do before being able to use Apple Pay on the iPhone ‘Ten’, is to set up the service. Add your credit/debit card to the built-in Wallet app and set up Face ID!

how to use apple pay on iphone x 3 Steps To Use Apple Pay On iPhone X
1. Double-click the iOS device’s Side button to bring up Apple’s trademark payment system.
2. Glance at the TrueDepth camera to validate transaction with Face ID.
3. Bring iPhone X near to the payment terminal and complete the purchase.
Fact: Be prepared to enter your device’s Passcode if required. In iOS 11 you can encounter 7 situations when Face ID is replaced by the Passcode input screen!

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