How To Perform The Perfect Prank Call

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SpoofCard – Prank your friends!

April 1st is knocking at the door and you can’t miss this great opportunity to trick your friends and have a great time! Your everyday companion, the iPhone, is useful in this case too.

You surly must have performed a prank call at least once in your lifetime! This time however, there is no need to cover your phone’s microphone with a towel or perform some other old fashioned tricks, to obtain a distorted voice, and trick your pals big time.
Nowadays, we can rely on technology. An iPhone equipped with a third party iOS app like SpoofCard is able to fake your caller ID, disguise your location and change your voice to obtain the perfect prank!
Update: You can also fake an incoming call on your own iPhone, to get out of an embarrassing situation or a boring discussion!

spoofcard setupHow To Set Up SpoofCard
First of all you have to download & install SpoofCard from the App Store.
Next, open the application and Sign In to configure your iPhone for prank calls. Provide your phone number and tap Continue. You’re now asked to create a passcode.
Use a 4-figure combination easily to memorize and hit Create Account! Last but not least, provide a valid Email address and press Save.

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How To Dial A Prank Call
iphone prank call featuresSpoofCard provides three hoax call features: Make a Call, Background Noise and Group Spoofing ! The first option allows you to change your voice from male to female or vice-vers and replace your caller ID with any number you wish. Background Noise maintains your original voice but adds a background so that it easily dissimulates your location and tricks your contact. You can choose various background sounds like: Airport, Dogs, Police, Traffic, Night Club, Casino, Crowd or Cell Noise.
Group Spoofing allows you to set up a group conference with fake Caller IDs so that everyone is misled in talking with someone unexpected! On top of that each feature allows you to record the calls for total amusement!

dial a prank call hoax call with background noise group prank call

Are Prank Calls via SpoofCard Free?
spoofcard credit purchaseThe good news is that your first three joke conversations via this app are free of charge. If you want more fun you have to pay to laugh. Each call, depending on location, is charged with a certain amount of credits (usually between 1-3 credits) per minute. The smallest amount of credits which can be purchased is 60 for the price of $9.95. However, the higher credit package you go for the bigger the discount. Maximum you can opt for the 560 credit package for $79.95. If your call is charged 1 credit\minute you’ll end up paying around $0.14\minute. Do note, that calls can be international and won’t appear on your carrier’s invoice! Have fun!