How To Prevent Pokemon From Running Away

pokemong go journal

Pokemong GO journal.

Not all Pokemons are easy to catch and a sloppy PokeBall throw, agile monster or blatant misfortune might cause you to lose the opportunity to capture a creature that has eluded you for so long. Good Map orientation, Incense or Lure Modules do only half of the job. You do need to aim properly, to successfully finish a Pokemon hunt.

Here are a few tips that will help you prevent a Pokemon from running away, while you have it locked as a target. In fact, a Pokemon that runs away is a built-in feature that makes the gameplay more interesting. This is why most reported cases of Pokemon escapes can be prevented. However, you should be aware that in these early stages of the game, overcrowded servers and even software bugs can also lead to failed hunts.

razz berry listed in pokemon go itemsFeed Pokemon With Razz Berry
These fantasy creatures do eat too. So, before throwing your first Ball, offer them a Razz Berry portion. It will please them and keep them distracted making your job a formality.
However, you do need to reach Level 8 as a Pokemon Trainer, to be able to collect and store Berries in your backpack. This fantasy food is found in PokeStops and can be thrown to a Pokemon while the hunting animation kicks in. It doesn’t matter if AR mode is On or Off.

throwing razz berry to pokemon How To Throw Razz Berry
When a Pokemon spawns nearby, your iPhone vibrates and it becomes visible on the Map. Tap it to engage him and the capture animation opens up. Tap the backpack icon available in the bottom-right corner of the screen to open up a list with the available items. Scroll for Razz Berry and tap the it. The Pokemon food appears on the hunting screen instead of the PokeBall. Throw it the same as you do with a Ball. Next, you’ll notice that the monster chills out and becomes much more easier to be aimed at.

When To Use Razz Berry
pokemon with unknown cp Because these forest fruits are limited, it’s wise to use them only when a rare Pokemon arises at the horizon. By rare monster I mean a species that you never caught before and isn’t registered in your PokeDex.
Another good moment to throw a Berry is if the Pokemon has a record breaking CP, compared to your current squad. Often, the software doesn’t reveal the true Combat Power of a monster. You get instead two, three or four question marks hovering next to the CP label. This means that the strength of the creature is a two, three or four-digit value.

When Do Pokemons Escape?
The more you play the game, the more you’ll notice that rarer species and especially those monsters with high CP (Combat Power) are difficult to hit. The software places them out of reach, or they’re moving continuously dodging your PokeBalls. If you lose time and miss a few throws you have high chances to let the Pokemon escape. When a creature escapes, it evaporates from your screen.
Fact: Pokemons can also disappear from the Map if you don’t react fast enough. That’s because it spawned in that location long before your arrival in that location.

How To Check What You’ve Missed
pokedex displaying zubat seen vs caught info After the Pokemon evaporates, you can still find out what you’ve missed. Tap your Character‘s logo available in the bottom-left corner of your iPhone’s display. Now, select Journal and you get a list with all your recorded Pokemon Go actions. If you missed a 374 CP Wild Golbat as I did, while I was a PokeTrainer Level 7 (and couldn’t use Berries) you’ll start to kick yourself. A total number of the amounts a Pokemon was seen and the actual monsters cached is available in the PokeDex. So, better Level up fast and make sure that you won’t let a fantasy creature get away, when it appears on your Map.

Restarting the Pokemon Go App
Unsolved game glitches are also an unwanted obstacle which allows Pokemons to run away. Bugs might freeze up your screen or make it unresponsive. You have to force close the app via App Switcher and re-open it a few seconds later. If you’re luck the Pokemon re-appears in the same place. However, if you stumbled upon a rare species you most surly lost the opportunity to add it to your collection.
Fact: From my own findings iOS 10 Beta 3 causes screen freezes every couple of meters, making the Pokemon GO map unresponsive quite often.