How To Rearrange, Delete Apps From The iPhone Home Screen In iOS 13

how to rearrange apps on iPhone home screen in ios 13

How to rearrange apps on iPhone Home screen in iOS 13.

Apple has dropped 3D Touch support for its 2019 flagships and has opted for Haptic Touch as a replacement. Practically, instead of force touching the display you will achieve the same results with the help of a long press. This might turn out the be confusing, especially when you attempt to delete apps from the iPhone’s Home screen. In the past long pressing an app icon would activate the edit mode. Yes, it’s that mode when the icons start wobbling and an “x” is displayed in the top-right corner of the app’s icon.

In iOS 13 if you long press an app’s icon on the Home screen you will enable the Haptic Touch menu, with shortcuts for that specific app, instead of triggering the rearrange app mode. To fix this, Apple has added a special shortcut to all native apps. The shortcut is called “Rearrange Apps” and has the role to trigger the app-wobbling mode, in which you can drag and drop apps to change their order on the screen or delete those that you don’t need anymore. Apps that come with this label are Settings, Camera, Mail, Calendar, Photos, Clock, Weather, App Store and any other stock iOS app.

3 Ways To Delete / Rearrange Apps On The iOS 13 Home Screen

iOS 13 rearrange apps haptic touch shortcut 1. Long Press for Longer
Perform the same command as usual and insist with the long press until the apps start to wobble! For example, if you long press the Camera app you will first trigger the Haptic Menu with the Take Selfie, Record Video, Take Photo, and Record Slo-mo options. However, if you continue to press the Haptic menu will close and the rearrange apps mode will be triggered.

2. Rearrange Apps Shortcut
Tap the “Rearrange Apps” label available in the Haptic menu of all stock iOS 13 apps.

delete iPhone app from settings 3. Delete Apps from Settings
-> Open the Settings app.
-> Browse for General -> iPhone Storage.
-> Scroll for the app that you want to delete. Tap on it.
-> Select Delete App to remove the software from your iPhone.

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