How To Recover Previously Deleted iOS Apps

recovering deleted ios apps

Recovering deleted iOS apps.

The number of iPhone and iPad owners has exponentially grown in the past years and this trend doesn’t show any sign of stopping. Besides the actual gadgets, the app market has also developed at the same pace, in order to be able to feed the consumer’s interest. Thousands of new iOS apps and games are released to the App Store each day. The average number of applications installed on an iPhone is somewhere around 50 (constantly growing), with about half of these third party softwares being frequently used by the smartphone owner.

However, many more apps are actually installed on an iPhone only to be deleted a few days or weeks later, if they don’t rise to the expectations or if the user needs them for a limited time only (during a holiday, for example). It can sometimes happen that you need to use an application that you previously had installed in the past, but which is currently deleted from your device. If you can’t remember its name, here is how to find and recover it!

App Store All Purchases List
If your remember the software’s basic function you can open the App Store and try to perform a keyword based search. However, this is a time consuming solution, because lots of similar apps could be listed as hits, and you’ll have to skim them all until you find what you’re looking for.
app store updates list The most elegant method is to check the list which includes all your app downloads. Yes, App Store creates such an archive for you. Every time you download a piece of software, it’s added to your app history, associated with your iTunes ID. Here is how to find this list and recover any previously used app:
Step 1: Open App Store and Tap on the Updates tab, available in the right corner of the bottom navigation menu.
Step 2: Hit Purchased, available at the top of the Updates list. Now, go for My Purchases.

app store not on this iphone app list Step 3: A chronological list with all App Store downloads performed on your iTunes ID is displayed. The ones still available on your iPhone are labeled with the OPEN tag, while those currently deleted or not installed on this device are symbolized with a cloud. Tap on “Not on this iPhone” label to filter a chronological list with all downloaded apps that aren’t found on your smartphone anymore.

Step 4: Scroll until you find the app you’re missing. Tap on its icon to check it out and make sure that this is the item you where looking for. If you press the cloud icon next to it, the software will be downloaded and re-installed on your iOS device.