How To Review Apple Watch Saved Workouts

apple watch workouts saved in ios health app

Apple Watch Workouts saved in iOS Health app.

Tracking your fitness routines has never been easier, since owning an Apple Watch. The stock Workout app monitors your exercising and informs you about their duration, calories burned, average heart rate, distance run and much more. Every time you finish tracking a workout, you’re prompted with a summary of your performance and have two options: Save or Discard data.

Obviously, you want to save the precious info! Deleting is an option only if you start a workout and something unplanned occurs and you need to abort. Else, you want to save your workouts for future comparison. But how can you check back and review the saved info? At the moment, you can’t do it from the watchOS device. The info is available only on the paired iPhone.

Watch Workouts on Activity App
apple watch workout info in iphone activity app Grab your iOS device and open the Activity app. Here you can check all your motion progress. The stats are recorded on a daily basis. If you tap on a calendar day, you’re prompted with a detailed view of the Move, Exercise and Stand rings. If you recorded a workout in that specific day, the data is displayed below the Stand section, labeled under Workouts. Tap on each entry to get a detailed view of your training session.
Fact: The downside of the Activity app data presentation is that you need to remember the days you recorded workouts. There is no Workout specific tab that shows a list with all saved sessions.

How To Check All Saved Workouts
health data tab in ios health app Happily there is a way to review all training sessions tracked and saved on your Apple Watch. For this, you have to open the Health App. Next, select the Health Data tab and pick Fitness. Now, look all the way down and tap on Workouts. Toggle the Show on Dashboard knob if you wish to add the data on the Health app Dashboard. This provides faster access! To review all the saved workouts hit Show All Data and a list with Source, Duration, Date and Time of workout is displayed. Tap on each entry for extended details!

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