How To Rip A DVD To Your Mac And Transfer Movie To iPhone

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MacX DVD Ripper Pro.

Do you have important DVDs with your wedding day, a favorite movie or any other video content that’s very important to you? You must be aware that DVDs are vulnerable. They easily get misplaced or become unplayable because of ageing. More, consider that a new Mac doesn’t event feature a DVD drive anymore! You should consider backing up all your important DVDs!

You can do this by ripping the DVD to your Mac or Windows computer. More, you can transfer your favorite video and have it available for playback, at any time, on your iPhone! To accomplish this without losing video quality, I recommend you MacX DVD Ripper Pro! In this article I will go through the benefits of using this state of the art DVD backup software. I’ll also provide tips and a step by step tutorial that shows you how easy it is to transfer the content of a DVD to your Mac.

Why MacX DVD Ripper Pro?
Because it can copy and convert the content of a full DVD in 5 minutes, while other similar software will do this in one hour. On top of that, there is no loss of quality between the original file and the ripped media! This is achieved with the support of level-3 hardware acceleration technology and the High Quality Engine feature. While other software only uses the CPU power, MacX DVD Ripper Pro combines both CPU and GPU. The effect is drastically reduced CPU load which prevents your computer from overheating!
Protected DVDs can be backed up to MP4, H.264, HEVC, MOV, M4V, MPEG, AVI, FLV and numerous other video formats that allow you to watch a movie on your Mac as well as iPhone, iPad and other computers and smartphones.
Fact: MacX can rip any type of DVD, even those that are damaged or unplayable! It supports homemade DVDs, workout DVDs, TV series DVDs, 99-title DVDs and the newly released DVD movies!

How To Copy DVD To Mac
Before starting the process please make sure that MacX DVD Ripper Pro is installed on your computer! Next, please follow these steps:
1. Insert the DVD in the optical drive of your Mac or Windows computer.
how to rip a dvd to mac 2. Open the MacX DVD Ripper Pro software.
3. Click on DVD Disk button to load up the content of the DVD within the MacX software.
4. Click Output Format to select the ripping mode.
Tip: To achieve the highest quality, use the High Quality Engine feature! Tick the checkbox next to it, to enable the option.
5. In the DVD Backup profile, opt for the Main Title Content Copy. This allows you to rip all content from the DVD and copy it to your Mac.
Tip: If you want to transfer the content of the DVD to your iPhone (via your computer), select Apple Device in the Mobile Video Device section, in order to obtain the video format that’s best compatible with your iOS device!
6. Choose the output destination to indicate where you want the copy to be deployed on your computer.
7. Click Run and be patient until the DVD ripping is completed!
Fact: Thanks to the supported level-3 hardware acceleration technology, MacX is able to rip a DVD within 5 minutes. For the record, other software will complete the same task in an hour!

Tip: After ripping a movie from a DVD to your computer, using and iOS compatible video format, you can use iTunes to upload it to your iPhone or iPad!

MacX DVD Ripper Pro License Giveaway
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