How To Save Areas In Google Maps For Offline Navigation

google maps for ios offline navigation

Google Maps for iOS – Offline navigation.

When traveling to a new location you might experience loss of Internet connectivity on your iPhone, especially if you’re not a data roaming fan. This shortage could cause you problems if you use your Apple smartphone to receive directions and turn-by-turn navigation. The good news is that there is away around losing your orientation, in case you’re cautious and prepare yourself for this scenario.

In this case, Google Maps app for iOS is a must-have app on your iPhone. That’s because the native Maps app isn’t able yet to save charts for offline use. We’re expecting to see a change coming with iOS 11, but until then make sure that you install Google’s mapping app. It allows you to download areas and store them on your iPhone for offline usage.

how to save offline area in google maps How To Download Maps For Offline Use
Whenever you travel to an unknown location, make sure that you save the charts of the surroundings of your destination on your iPhone. You never know when your iPhone might lose Internet connectivity:
1. Open Google Maps by tapping it’s icon on the iOS Home Screen.
2. Use the search field, available at the top of the main screen, and type the name of the location. For example if you’re traveling to New York, tap the keyword and
3. Next, tap on the 3-horizontal-line menu icon, available in the left part of the search field.
4. Tap on Offline areas available in the left-sidebar that slides in on your iPhone’s screen.
5. Tap on Custom area and pinch to zoom or expand to select the area of interest.
Fact: Notice, that expanding the map increases the size of the downloaded file, while a smaller chart decreases the amount of storage space needed.
6. Tap Download and the selected map is saved for offline use.
Tip: Google Maps is set to save files only when iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi and the app is open. However, if you have enough mobile data available you can also enable area downloads when the smart device is connected to your carrier’s web services. Tap, the Settings icon (top-right corner of the Offline areas screen) and tweak the download settings.

google maps offline area How To Navigate While Offline
Whenever you need directions and Internet connectivity isn’t available on your device, simply open Google Maps and search the name of the offline area that you’re visiting. Next, tap the Directions icon, a blue arrow available in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Choose starting point and destination and tap two-arrow blue button to start the navigation.
Fact: Be aware that there is no traffic data available when navigation in offline mode!

google maps offline area edit screen How To Manage Saved Areas
To delete or rename your offline maps, open the Sidebar menu and tap on the Offline areas label. Next, select the area that you want to edit and tap on either Delete or Update.
To change the name of a saved chart, tap the pencil icon, available in the top-right corner of the area’s screen.

Tip: When you arrive at your destination learn how to save your parking location and make sure that you don’t get lost.