How To Skip Face ID Authentication When Wearing A Mask

iPhone prompts for Passcode when user wears a mask

iPhone prompts for Passcode when user wears a mask.

Life can get complicated during the COVID-19 pandemic! More and more countries impose mandatory mask-wearing while going out in public. This is a good strategy to loosen up the lock-downs and restart the economies all around the world. Excepting the obvious discomfort of obstructing your face, there is one more annoying inconvenience caused by this COVID-19 precaution method. Face ID iPhone owners have a hard time unlocking their devices!

We’ve covered this subject a couple of weeks ago and provided a trick that should make Face ID reliable even when you obstruct your face with a mask. However, not everyone got satisfactory results. Apple has decided to tackle this inconvenience and updated iOS 13.5 with a feature that allows your iPhone to detect when you’re wearing a mask. It will quickly ask for your Passcode instead of initiating Face ID and running two failed scans, before asking for a Passcode.

Trick To Skip Face ID Authentication
trick to quickly skip Face ID and input Passcode on iPhone The new Face ID adjustment will help you save a few seconds each time you unlock your iPhone. However you still need to manually input the Passcode.
Trick: When you swipe-up to unlock your iPhone, tap & hold the Face ID label available in the center of the screen. This will cancel the facial scan and prompt you for a Passcode straightaway!

Fact: You can bring this to the next level an temporary disable the Face ID and Passcode requirement for your iPhone

Do you manage to successfully use Face ID while wearing a mask? Let us know in the comments section available below!

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