How To Solve The iTunes Could Not Connect To iPhone Error

iPhone to Mac iTunes connection error

iTunes could not connect to iPhone Error.

If you’re looking to perform a full backup of your iPhone via iTunes, or simply want to sync your Music, Movies or any other type of media and can’t manage to connect to your Mac or Windows computer, don’t panic! In most cases the glitch is caused by an outdated iTunes version installed on your machine. For example, if you updated your smartphone to iOS 10 and get an error message while attempting to access your device via iTunes, you must probably ignored the update request on your computer.

Every time when you open iTunes on your desktop you’re notified if a software update is available. Because we’re in a hurry most of the time, we tend to quickly dismiss the update request, with the idea that there’s always a next time. However, some important version updates are mandatory if you want your iPhone to still be able to communicate with iTunes using the same language.

The iTunes Could Not Connect To iPhone Error
iphone itunes connection error In case you plug-in your iOS device to the computer, with the help of the lightning cable and receive the following error message on your machine, be sure that it’s about time to upgrade to the latest iTunes release:
“iTunes could not connect to the iPhone “[your device’s name]” because an invalid response was received from your device.”
Fact: This issue happened to me a few days ago, while trying to connect my iOS 10 running smartphone to my notebook. Updating to iTunes solved the issue. From my research, you need to run at least iTunes 12.1.2 or newer in order to be able to connect an iOS 10 running iPhone to iTunes.

How To Update iTunes
itunes check for updates feature If you missed the automatic iTunes update request you can easily upgrade manually by performing these steps:
1. Open iTunes on your computer and click on Help, in the top-left area of the home screen.
2. Next go for Check for Updates.
3. If a new version is available you’ll be prompted with the details and the option to update. Else you get the confirmation that the version that you’re currently running is the current one.
4. Click Update and iTunes will automatically download and install the most recent version on your computer.
Fact: Your computer has to be restarted for an iTunes update to register!