How To Stop Facebook Messenger From Playing “Read” Alerts When iPhone Is Locked

Facebook Messenger read receipt sound alert bug

Facebook Messenger read receipt sound alert bug.

Those of you that use FB Messenger might have already noticed that the Facebook owned instant messaging app plays the “Read” sound even if your iOS device is locked and you’re not actively using the software. The “Seen” feature allows you to know if your message was read or not by your conversation partner. The visual notification is accompanied also by an audio alert. However, the sound becovems very annoying, when it plays when it isn’t supposed to.

The problem also occurs if you’re listening to music for example, the “Read” receipt sound will dim your favorite track for quite a long time. We’re not sure if this strange behavior is an actual bug or if Messenger acts like this on purpose. The problem is generalized. It occurs both with new and older iPhone models. Let’s see what we can do to prevent the app from disturbing us.

How To Mute Facebook Messenger Notifications
how to mute Facebook Messenger notifications Until this problem is addressed by an update, the only option is to mute the Messenger notifications. Follow these steps to accomplish it:
A. Using the iOS Settings
1. Open the Settings app.
2. Tap on Notifications.
3. Scroll for Messenger.
4. Mute the alerts by disabling the Sounds option.
Fact: The downside of this fix is that it will silence all notifications of the Messenger app. But you will still have the Badges and all the other visual alerts, which will make sure that you don’t miss anything important.

B. From The Messenger Settings
how to mute Facebook Messenger alerts while using the app1. Open the Messenger app.
2. Tap your Profile’s icon, available in the top-left corner of the screen.
3. Select “Notifications & sounds”.
4. Disable the “While using app” option.
Fact: Silencing the notifications from within the Messenger app works only while you’re actively using the software. To fix the bug mentioned above you have to disable the alerts from the iOS Settings. Let’s hope that Facebook will issue a software update and fix this bug.

Are you experiencing the same problem with Facebook’s Messenger? Did you find a better workaround? Let us know in the comment section available below!

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