How To Sync Twitter And iOS 13 Dark Modes

twitter dark mode iOS 13

Twitter Dark Mode iOS 13.

With iOS 13 on the verge of being released, many important third party apps get updated with support for the highly awaited built-in system-wide Dark Mode of your iPhone. This means that your iOS device will be able to run in Dark Mode even when you browse a third party app. Of course, if the app in question updates with native Dark Mode support. That’s what Twitter has just done. The famous micro-blogging app has rolled out an update that allows it to sync with the Light and Dark Mode options of iOS 13.

This means that you have to open the App Store and update the Twitter app to the latest available version. At the time of writing, we’re talking about release 7.59. After the update, you have to make sure that you’ve also updated your iPhone to iOS 13 and configured the built-in Dark Mode. To make sure that the iOS 13 Light and Dark Mode are in sync between with the Twitter app there is an additional setting that you have to check.

How To Enable Dark Mode On Twitter

twitter support for iOS 13 dark mode
Twitter has its own Dark Theme for a while already. However, now you can sync it with the built-in Dark Mode of iOS 13. All that you have to do is:
1. Open, the Twitter app on your iPhone. (Don’t forget to update to the latest version.)
2. Swipe-right from the left side of the screen to unveil the menu.
3. Tap on Settings and privacy.
4. Tap Display and sound.
5. Enable the “Use Device Settings” option. This will allow Twitter to display Dark Mode only when the same setting is also enabled system-wide in iOS 13.

Twitter Comes With Two Dark Themes
The popular micro-blogging app provides an additional layer of customization when it comes two Dark Mode. You can choose between two themes: “Dim” and “Lights out”.
The first one is a softer dark blue theme, while “Light out” is a true black template. From the two, the black theme matches the color palettes of iOS 13’s built-in Dark Mode!
Fact: Whichever theme you select it will be enabled and disabled, when Dark Mode is triggered within iOS 13.

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