How To Transfer Pokemon And Strengthen Your Squad

transfer pokemon button

Print-screen with Transfer Pokemon button.

Even if you’re an average Pokemon GO player, there comes a time when your Backpack fills up with Pokemons. What to do next? Well you can opt to enlarge your Bag by performing a 200-coin worth update. But this is only a temporary fix, because it increases the max number of items that you can carry by 50. That’s extra oxygen for a few hours of play. The best solution is to transfer Pokemons that aren’t increasing the value of your roster!

Yes, you can trade Pokemon with Professor Willow and receive candies in exchange. Swapping the pocket monsters with other players isn’t possible yet, but Niantic has confirmed that Pokemon trading will become available in the upcoming versions. Until then you can free up space in your Backpack and strengthen your squad by trading the lower rated monsters. Read on and I’ll explain the benefits of this strategy!

How To Transfer Pokemons
confirm pokemon transfer prompt First of all, let me teach you how to swap your fantasy creatures with Professor Willow. This feature is somewhat hidden in the game’s menu and many Pokemon GO beginner to intermediate players aren’t aware of it. From the Map view, tap on the bottom PokeBall, representing the game’s menu, and browse for Pokemon.
You’re now viewing your complete roster of captured monsters. A good way to view it is to display them according to their CP (Combat Power). This setting filters the strongest Pokemon towards the top of your list. The default setting is Recent, showing the latest caught creatures.
pokemon trade confirmation Tap on the bottom-right clock icon to open the filtering options. Choose CP to see the best ranking ones.
To trade a Pokemon tap on it’s avatar. The info page of the chosen creature is displayed. Swipe up to scroll all the way down until you reach the Transfer tab. Hit it and confirm that you are willing to trade the monster with Professor Willow. To confirm the swap this notification will unfold on the top of your display:
“Transfer succeeded. Got a [Pokemon name] candy from the Professor.”

Why Should You Trade Pokemons
pidgey info page As mentioned in the introduction there are two big reasons to transfer a part of your monster team to Professor Willow:
1. Empty Backpack: Because your Bag fills up and you need to make room for hunting stronger Pokemon. As you already know, the higher your PokeTrainer Level the stronger the monsters appearing on your map will be. For example you can hunt a CP 12 Pidgey when you are Level 1 and a CP 100 or higher of the same species if your Trainer Level is 6!
2. Strengthen Squad: For every creature traded you receive a candy in exchange. The candies you can use to Evolve the strongest Pokemon from the same species. Maturing your monster doubles the Combat Power of the creature, strengthening your squad.

Which Pokemons To Swap
filtering catched pokemons by name Based on the idea that the better your Trainer Level is, the higher CP a caught Pokemon will have, it’s ideal to trade Pokemons that have the lowest Combat Power and are at least a duplicate in your roster. An example shows 8 Pidgey Pokemon in my squad. I will only keep the highest ranked one, in this case CP 79 and trade all the others for candies. This will bring me enough sweets to be able to Evolve my best Pidgey and double his strength. Evolving brings additional 500 XP, increasing my Trainer Level and giving me the opportunity to catch even higher ranked creatures!
Tip: To easily decide what Pokemons can be traded filter your roster using the A-Z option. This will list your Pokemons listed according to their names, showing same species next to each other in a CP descending order.

How To Strengthen Your Squad
tiny bird pokemon A good strategy is to postpone Evolving as much as you can. Collect the candies by transferring Pokemon and wait until you catch a monster that has an increase base strength. This will make the Evolution process even more significant, because doubling 70 CP to 140 CP is less spectacular compared to doubling 140 CP to 280 CP and so on. You can evolve a Pokemon only once or two times, depending on its species.

Fact: Now you don’t have to worry anymore about catching more Pokemon than you can carry. Go ahead and apply these 10 tips that will maximize your monster hunt!