How To Uncover Hidden Message Timestamps on iPhone 5s

iphone 5s hidden message timestamp

iPhone 5s hidden message timestamps.

Here is an iOS 7 feature that you might have noticed yet! I assume that you have numerous instant messaging and iMessage chats with your mobile contacts. It must have surly happened to you before to encounter the need of knowing the exact time and date when that conversation took place.

iOS 7 does not directly indicate the date of each text message that you’ve sent or received, during the day. If conversation is not unfolding on a daily basis, you are prompted every now and then with date and time information when the chat resumes.

However, here is a tip that teaches you how to uncover the hidden timestamps of your messages! You simply need to swipe from the right edge of your conversation screen towards left. Timestamps menu will be displayed!

Fact: If you swipe the other way around, from the left edge of your message conversation screen towards the right you will return to the list with all available conversations!

Video Tutorial

Watch the video available below and see exactly how the hidden message timestamps uncovering works on iPhone 5s!

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