How To Unlock WWDC 2020 Stickers In Messages On iPhone, iPad And Mac

Official WWDC 2020 stickers in Messages

Official WWDC 2020 stickers in Messages.

Apple is getting everything prepped out for the biggest WWDC ever. The 2020 edition is scheduled to start Monday, June 22 and will be the first ever online-only event. After releasing the full WWDC 2020 schedule just a few days ago, the Cupertino-based tech giant has sent out the official invites, has updated the Apple Developer app for iOS and made it available to the macOS users too.

Excepting, the keynote scheduled for 10 am PDT (countdown timer available here), all other in depth content regarding upcoming software updates as well as 1-on-1 lab sessions are exclusive to paying Apple Developers. However, if you’re an average iPhone users you can still take advantage of some exclusive features, like the official WWDC 2020 message stickers.

5 Steps To Unlock WWDC 2020 Stickers In Messages

iMessage stickers can be unlocked by anyone owning an iOS, iPadOS or macOS device. You only need to follow the steps listed below:
how to unlock and use WWDC 2020 sitckers in Messages 1. Download the Apple Developer app. Free App Store download link available here.
Tip: You don’t need to register as a developer. You just need to have the app on your iPhone, iPad or Mac.
2. Open the stock Messages app.
3. Select a conversation by tapping one of the existing threads or start a new chat window.
4. Slide-left on the iMessage scrubber until you reach the Apple Developer app icon. Tap it.
5. Pick one of the new WWDC 2020 official stickers and send it to your chat partner.

Fact: There are more than a dozen new stickers to choose from including funny icons like a “pirate flag”, “diving red bird” (Swift Sticker) or a “Cancel” button.

Download WWDC 2020 Stickers

If you’re not looking just for digital stickers, you can download the following images and print your own WWDC 2020 stickers for your cup of coffee, notebook or any other preferred item.

2020 sticker
2020 sticker
WWDC 2020 sticker
wwdc 2020 sticker
WWDC 2020 hello sticker
wwdc 2020 hello sticker
WWDC 2020 Stickers (All Colors)
wwdc 2020 stickers all colors
WWDC 2020 June 22 sticker
wwdc 2020 june 22 sticker
WWDC 2020 sticker on iPhone 11
wwdc 2020 sticker on iPhone 11

Did Yo Know That: the Apple Developer app was usually called WWDC app, but was renamed in 2019 and became a general developer application that can be used all year long?

Do you plan to follow the 2020 WWDC keynote live online? Let us know what expectations you have in the comments section available below!

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