How To Use Exposure Notifications Express And Help Save Lives

Exposure Notification generated by the COVID Alert app

Exposure Notification generated by the COVID Alert app

iOS 13.7 has introduced a simplified Exposure Notifications system that allows users to opt-in even if an app from the public health authorities isn’t available in their region.
It’s called Exposure Notifications Express and allows users to turn the feature ON as long as the state or country that they’re living in has opted to participate in the Exposure Notifications Express program.

Even if Exposure Notifications are still unavailable in your region, you will be alerted as soon as the situation changes if you decide to opt-in.
Starting with iOS 13.7 the Exposure Notifications get more ‘exposure’ by having their own section in the Settings app.
They’re not hidden behind the Health menu of the Privacy section anymore.

How To Turn On Exposure Notifications

how to turn on exposure notificaitons opt-in iOS 13.7
1. Open Settings on your iPhone.
2. Scroll for Exposure Notifications and tap on it.
3. Use the ‘Turn on Exposure Notifications’ option.
4. Tap ‘Continue’ and allow your iPhone to inform you if you may have been exposed to COVID-19.
5. Scroll to select your Country or Region.
6. If an app or the new Exposure Notifications Express feature is available, opt-in!
Tip: Enable the ‘Availability Alerts’. This way you’ll get an alert as soon as Exposure Notifcations become available for your region.

Exposure Notifications Express Availability

At the time of writing Maryland, Nevada, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. will be the first U.S. ares that will enroll to the update Exposure Notifications Express system.
More states, countries and regions are expect to follow suit in the near future.
iOS and Android Exposure Notifications are fully compatible with one another and the already existing Exposure Notification apps that are already available.
Local health authorities can continue to build their own custom apps, Exposure Notifications Express and custom apps can work in tandem.
Fact: Even though Exposure Notifications Express will work without a third party app, it remains opt-in and won’t be enabled by default.

Important: If you live in a region that did not enroll to the Exposure Notifications Express system, you’ll be instructed to download the app provided by your local authorities to be able to opt-in. If no app is available, you’re informed that you can’t use this feature yet.

Exposure Notifications Availability

According to Apple over 20 countries and regions have already developed and launched apps for the ‌Exposure Notification‌ API and more are work in progress.
In the U.S., 25 states and the District of Columbia are implementing the ‌Exposure Notification‌ system. Apps are already launched in Virginia, North Dakota, Wyoming, Alabama, Arizona, and Nevada.

Exposure Notification Alerts

COVID Alert on iPhone generated by Exposure Notifications You’ll be surprised by how many asymptomatic COVID-19 carriers there are around. I personally know two friends that have been alerted via Exposure Notifications, tested themselves and turned out to be positive for the novel Coronavirus although they did not manifest any symptoms by the time of testing.
They’re now isolating themselves and avoid from spreading the virus to family and friends. Imagine how efficient this system can be if the majority of people would opt-in!
If you have Exposure Notifications available in your region don’t hesitate. Your privacy isn’t at risk, but your own health and that of your loved ones is!

Are you using the Exposure Notifications system? In which country (area) are you located. Provide feedback, using the comments section available below.

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