How To Use Facebook Marketplace On iPhone And iPad

Facebook Marketplace home screen as seen on iPhone

Facebook Marketplace home screen as seen on iPhone.

Facebook has recently updated its iOS app and launched the much awaited Marketplace feature in an attempt to extend its reach and functionality on a niche that is ever growing.

Selling new, used and refurbished products from individual to individual is very popular nowadays and websites like ebay are experiencing a lot of success.

So, if you have items that you don’t longer use and want to sell them for cash you can use your iPhone or iPad to snap a picture and publish it to the Facebook Marketplace.

It’s true that selling products on Facebook was possible before too, but your audience was much more narrowed down to groups, friends and friends of friends. With Marketplace your items are visible to hundreds of thousands or even million Facebook users.

You can use filters to see products available for sale nearby to your location or use other criteria to fine tune your search.

Facebook Marketplace Availability

First of all, you should know that because this feature is new, it won’t be available worldwide just yet. Facebook has currently launched Marketplace in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand. The upcoming months will see other countries added to the list and we’re here to let you know when this happens.

More, you should also be aware that currently the buy/sell feature is available only for the mobile platform. iOS and Android are the two operating systems supported. A web version for Marketplace is expected in the upcoming future too.

Fact: Facebook Marketplace is open only for users registered as having 18 years of age or more.

How To Install Facebook Marketplace

facebook marketplace app store update
Surprisingly, the FB Marketplace product doesn’t come with a standalone app, as it’s the case with Facebook Messenger. It seems that the social media giant doesn’t want to spread out it’s users among too many applications.

To get Marketplace access from your iPhone or iPad you simply have to download the latest Facebook version available in the App Store. Of course, that you have to access the app from a country that supports the new buy and sell exchange platform.

How To Open Facebook Marketplace

tap icon to open facebook marketplace
After you install Marketplace on your iOS device, open the Facebook app on your iPhone and check the menu bar available in the footer area of your screen. Notice a new icon available in the middle of the array that looks like a show-window. Tap it an the buy/sell platform opens up.

How To Use Marketplace

The Marketplace home screen features from top to bottom: a search bar, four quick action buttons (Sell, Categories, Search, Your Items), available items area and the Facebook app footer menu bar, that allows you to return to your News Feed, Timeline, Notifications or Settings.

Obviously the Search feature filters out Marketplace products that match your keywords. You can also browse items based on Category, or simply swipe the product view to unveil more and more offers.

Tip: Whenever you receive an offer for a sold product or a seller replies to one of your offers you receive a Facebook Notification and the Marketplace icon has a badge displaying how many notifications are awaiting your action.

How To Sell Something In Marketplace

facebook market home page

  • 1. On the buy/sell platform home screen tap the Sell button
  • 2. Add a photo of your product from CameraRoll or snap it on the spot.
  • 3. Name your item, provide a description and set the price tag.
  • 4. Hit the Post button and your product is live!
  • Fact: The interesting aspect is that Facebook only acts as a liaison between buyer and seller. The social media platform doesn’t involve itself in the negotiation and also doesn’t charge any type of commission for a deal. However, we do expect Facebook to monetize Marketplace with featured listings and similar methods.

  • facebook market new item for sale screen
  • facebook marketplace item information
  • facebook marketplace seller info

How To Buy Items In Facebook Marketplace

facebook market negotiation for item on sale

  • 1. Find a product that you want to purchase and open its listing.
  • 2. Very Seller Information and see if the user has a good standing.
  • 3. Read all the details about the sale and use the Message Seller in case something isn’t clear or you need more info about the item.
  • 4. Tap Make Offer and let the seller know how much you can spend for his product.
  • 5. Wait for feedback and close the deal.
  • Tip: Make sure to double-check pickup options to avoid additional costs and inconveniences!