How To Use Safari Extensions On iPhone And iPad In iOS 15

how to use Safari Extensions on iPhone

How to use Safari Extensions on iPhone

iOS 15 brings Safari Extensions on iPhone and iPad. This popular Mac Safari feature has been finally expanded to all compatible iOS and iPadOS devices. All that you have to do is install the extensions from the App Store, configure and enable them in Settings.

What Are Safari Extensions?

If you’re not already using extensions for Safari, Chrome or Firefox on your Mac, you have to know that these extensions are small software programs that enhance the functionality of a web browser. They allow you to better fine-tune your web browsing experience.

Most of them focus on improving your browsing experience and boost productivity. For example, content blockers are popular Safari extensions. They’re able to filter out ads, block trackers, prevent privacy banners from loading, block images, videos and much more.

How To Download Safari Extensions On iPhone / iPad

how to download Safari Extensions on iPhone

  • Open Settings and scroll for Safari.
  • Tap on the new Extensions option available in the General section.
  • Go for More Extensions.
  • The Safari Extensions section of the App Store opens up. Browse the available extensions.
  • Similar with app downloads, tap GET or the Price label to download a free or paid Safari extension.
  • Tip: You can also browse the Safari Extensions by opening the App Store app and browse the Apps tab.

How To Install Safari Extensions In iOS 15

The extension is saved under the form of an app on your iPhone or iPad. It’s available in the App Library, or directly on the Home Screen, depending on your iOS Home Screen settings:

    how to enable Safari Extension on iPhone

  • Open the app and configure the extension.
  • When ready browse for: Settings -> Safari -> Extensions and enable the extension with the help of the ON/OFF switch.

Popular Safari Extensions For iPhone

At the time of writing there are not many Safari Extensions to choose from. That’s because we’re in the iOS 15 early beta testing stages and we’re talking about a new feature.

App developers require a bit of time to code the software. Similar to the Home Screen widgets feature, there will be only ‘a few’ Safari Extensions available on iOS 15 release day. However, I am expecting the list to grow day by day.

Most likely, many Safari Extensions popular on Mac will also become available on the iOS and iPadOS App Store.
Some of them that we are eager to see are:

  • 1Password (Popular password manager)
  • Ghostery (Ad blocker)
  • Honey (Coupon detector)
  • To be updated…

Fact: iOS 15 also brings the Private Relay service to iPhone and iPad. This will render Safari extensions that focus on anti-tracking obsolete.

Are you excited about the upcoming Safari Extensions? Is there one that you already use on your Mac and would like to have it available on iPhone or iPad too? Which one? Use the comments section and share it with us.

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